Baylor Scott and White Security Measures Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-20


The primary goal of Baylor Scott White as an organization is to protect every patient personal and health information from being misused by third parties. Undeniably, the organization is committed to offering programs, whereby, data is being collected for a particular purpose. For instance, scientific studies and statistics as well. However, one may also like to participate in such with consent. Baylor Scott and White is devoted to ensuring that, every patient personal information regarding health is kept and can only be disclosed with permission from the patient. However, with regards to their secured server, they are entirely liable to ensure that, personal, professional and personal information is encrypted before transmission to the website. Notably, encryption is a way of adding some security designed features to ensure that unauthorized persons are protected from reading your information. Additionally, several efforts have been put in place to ensure that health information doesn't get lost or misused by third parties. Keen enough, the organization has also improved within their web system to ensure that thieves or hackers do not leak information from their web.

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Other than that, the organization is also keen enough in the creation of non-provider patient relationships, but instead, they will notify you in case there is a need to create one. Similarly, the organization is also keen enough to ensure that patients are protected from health information content, programs that are sponsored, that may contain any misleading or false information or in other words has got the means of promoting dangerous products.

Security measures put in place by the organizations

Baylor Scott and White as an organization is determined to ensure that, at all levels, the information regarding patients are secured as much as possible, both integrity and privacy of the personal data are safe since the organization had gone as far as developing encryption practices. Additionally, with the help of high capability firewalls, intruders have been protected from accessing personal health information. However, despite all those efforts to protect personal information and health information from loss, alteration or misuse by the third parties internet, possibilities are still there whereby hackers are ever keen to ensure that they temper with this information. Consequently, for security purpose, the organization has decided to use a 128- bit secured socket layer as an encryption technique for both sending and receiving data.

Furthermore, on matters about the information gathered by the organization both personal and health information is usually sensitive a concern may arise to share such information with the organization. Therefore it calls upon the organization to protect your privacy and at the same time develop policies and practices to safeguard both personal and health information.

The development of cookies by the organization

It involves the use of numerical code being transferred by, to a hard drive for purposes of record keeping. They have been made in such a way that, when one visits the organization site, cookies will definitely allow them to know your interest and preferences as well. Similarly, cookies can as well be used in tracking level of enthusiasm for different features within their site, out which they shall be in a position to compile data for content improvement.

Other than that, even though one may decide to reject cookies using their browser software's, however, when this is done to their cookies some functions and conveniences may not function effectively. Secondly, you need not to accept the wafers of the organization and therefore, when done cookies will not positively be linked to personal information or health information provided to them. And lastly, neither sites nor third parties will be allowed to use their cookies.


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