Essay on American's Water Footprint: 772 m3/Yr vs Global Avg of 1243 m3

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Date:  2023-05-03

After the water footprint computations, the results obtained were based on the entries which are nationality is an American citizen, an average meat consumer, and an estimated gross yearly income of $10,000. The computations show that the water footprint of 772 m3 every calendar year, and when the figure is compared with the global averages, it can be noted that the global figure is 1243 m3 and the food, industry, and domestic covers 654m3, 16 m3 and 102 m3 respectively. It is an indication that I have a high level of water footprint though I am within the range of the global average. The food component, which is part of the water footprint, can be broken down into cereals that are covering 57 m3, meat has 335 m3, vegetables with 7m3, dairy products have 108 m3and others that comprise the sugars, stimulants, and treenuts have 108 m3. Based on these findings, I believe that there is a great need to reduce the amount of water footprint consumed to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Some of the foods that I have a high consumption level are not healthy for human use, especially when computed in large proportions. Human beings are encouraged to reduce the consumption of meat, especially the red meat, and it is worrying to find that I am taking 335 m3 of meat out of the 654 m3 food component of the water footprint. Additionally, the dairy products are not highly recommended due to the high-fat content, and it is worrying to note that I am taking 108 m3 of the food component. The other sections comprise of sugary items, and stimulants have a rate of 130m3. The high recommended food components, in this case, are the vegetables, fruits, and cereals, and they cover the lowest level of 7 m3, 18 m3, and 57 m3. These levels are low when compared to the other elements in the food component. Therefore, there is a great need to change water consumption behaviors. There is a great need to increase the consumption of vegetables, fruits, and cereals and reduce sugary items and meat.

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Some of the programs that can be adopted to reduce the water footprint include turning off the running water when undertaking activities, such as brushing teeth. The utilization of water-saving toilets is a critical process that can help in lowering the amount of water that is being used and lower the footprint figure. Relying on water-saving showerheads is another procedure that can help in lowering the water consumption levels, and the process can further be supported by engaging in a short showering process. The clothes should be washed only when necessary, and the cleaning of the house should be done using less water. Gardening should be highly discouraged, and there is a need to rely on rainwater, or using boreholes. Any leaks in the house should be rectified while pollutants and medicines should not be disposed of down the sink. Water footprints reduction can be realized through following indirect ways, such as reducing meat consumption levels. Beef and red meat are water-intensive proteins, and it is important to reduce their consumption and increase the use of less-water intensive proteins like beans, peas, and lentils. The vegetables can be consumed with a chicken. Switching coffee for tea, lowering the consumption of sugary items, and processed foods are activities that can greatly help in the reduction of the water footprint levels. A lot of water is used in the processing of sugar and producing proceeded foods.

Bahrain is one of the countries in the world that is experiencing a significant scarcity of water resources, and climate change has played a significant role in the problem. If the country does not manage to reduce the greenhouse gases that are getting emitted to the atmosphere, there is a high probability that the country will suffer a lot due to water inadequacy. Some of the measures that the nations can undertake include reducing the usage of fossil fuels. The country should stop burning coal as a source of energy and rely on other means, such as wind energy and geothermal for their effects on the environment are minimal. These energy sources are unlikely to adversely affect the freshwater sources or trigger the occurrence of climate change issues. Fossils cause the release of greenhouse gases that affect the ozone layer resulting in global warming and reduction in the water sources. Reducing the amounts of emissions will help in minimizing the pollution levels and the country will manage to have adequate freshwater for its various uses. The states should advocate for the usage of fewer cars and revert to cycling or walking.

Managing the environment and ensuring that it is conserved in the right way is essential towards mitigating the effects of climate change. Planting of trees, enacting laws discouraging people from cutting them down will ensure that the earth's surface is in a position to store enough water for human consumption or other activities. Climate change causes drought and flooding, but when the environment is conserved, and the trees are managed, such undesirable occurrences will not happen. Bahrain's global actions should be geared towards supporting the programs initiated by the relevant bodies, such as United Nations movements that call for environmental conservation. The growth of its economy can only be realized when it manages to undertake policies that will ensure that its surface is not suffering from the effects of climate change. Politicians are some of the personnel that triggers global warming due to their actions that they undertake without consideration of their effects. Some of them enact legislation that supports the undertaking of activities that are supporting the occurrence of climate change problems.

The water conservation process is a way of maintaining water, ensuring that it is available for use when needed. Some of the ways that this country can use to conserve water include harvesting it through trapping it from house roofs and storing it in tanks. Additionally, trees are used to trap water by using its leaves while the recycling process ensures that used water can be treated and later utilized again. The mulching process involves using organic materials, such as, grass that are used to cover the soil around the plants to ensure that water is not lost from the ground. The other procedure that Bahrain can utilize to conserve water is by making use of dams where water is stored during the rainy season. Therefore, despite Bahrain being one of the driest countries in the world and facing freshwater scarcity issues, it can rely on these programs to ensure that it is conserving the little amount of water available, making sure its citizens are getting enough for their use. The country's economy should set aside a significant portion of its finances towards the implementation of water conservation activities. The public should be taught on the programs that they can follow to mitigating climate change effects.


In summary, the water footprint of 772 m3 is high, and it is essential to make sure that there is a change of behavior so that this figure can reduce. When the figure is broken down, the food component shows that there is a high volume of meat, sugar, and dairy products, and these elements are not healthy for the human body. Additionally, the high volume of water intake is not recommendable, and there is a need to ensure that it is reduced for this will help in conserving the minimal water available for other uses. Resources are usually scarce, and it is critical to ensure that they are optimally utilized. The calculations made show that the quantity of vegetables, fruits, and cereals is low, and this shows that there is a lot of unhealthy eating. These vegetables and fruits require low water volumes, while the red meat and sugar products consume a lot of water. Therefore, based on the footprints, a lot of water is being used, and there is a need to conserve it for future use. The tool is useful for its offers directions on the figures that a country posts on its usage of water. Human beings can use the tool to make decisions on whether there is a need to reduce their consumption of water or not. Additionally, they can get to understand the component of food levels that they are consuming.

Some of the measures that can be taken upon changing behavior include lowering the intake of sugary items and dairy products. Cutting down on the intake of red meat and reverting to the consumption of white meat, such as the fish and chicken, will help in lowering the water footprint and conserving water. It is worrying to note that almost half of the water footprint is covered by the food component of the meat. Countries that are unable to manage their water resources, such as Bahrain, are finding it difficult managing the amount available. Climate change is adversely affecting their water resources, causing drought and flooding, and these phenomenon are lading to peoples' deaths. Therefore, it is critical to adopt measures that will help in managing the global warming problem. Planting of trees will help in storing adequate water on the earth's surface. Mulching and use of renewable energy sources will help to reduce the emission to the atmosphere. Wind energy and geothermal sources are a significant way of covering the environment and ensuring that there is adequate fresh water for human use. All these measures when undertaken will help in ensuring that waster is optimally used, and it is not wasted. Bahrain should take a strong stance when initiating global actions and adopt programs that are helping in the conservation of water. Political activities, such as the enacted laws that are unpopular and ones that are triggering the occurrence of climate change, should be discouraged.

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