My Solar Power Adventure Essay Example

Paper Type:  Movie review
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Date:  2022-10-25

The movie gives a good summary of several explorations within the globe, and it motivates several according to Philippe Stark and therefore encourages each person to be at a position to participate in whatever they might see to be impossible. The video gives us the best talks and performance generally about the leading global thinkers and doers who describe and talk about there for about 18 minutes. Featuring in the movie to illustrate their ideas includes, AI Gare who tends to debates more on the environmental change about the adventure that he has undertaken across the globe, Philip Stark tries to really elaborate more on design. The movie generally entails technology, design and this talk covers all these topics including science business together with development issues in the adventure and this has been elaborated using the current technology applied in exploring the globe.

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The design and destiny as talked about by Philippe Stark where h spends more than 18 minutes trying to reach the very of the question, "Why design?" Phillip stark is said to design several deluxe objects as per the adventure story and also posh condos and various hotels around the global. He is however always witty and engaged, and according to the movie, he takes a very exceptional delight in designing almost everyday objects and designs across the globe.

The movie illustrates more about the total dependency on fossil energy which has been seen as a very significant point in conserving the environment which now stands out to be a global issue. The adventure team also illustrate the idea of coming up with solar aircrafts or trying to improve the existing solar airplane that entirely does not use fuel thus a technology that will lead to the eradication of environmental pollution through the use of pure energy. Using the diagram below he tries to illustrate more about the possibility of eth same. Environmental conservation, therefore, stands out to be one of the main points of interest in the review and summary of the movie using the current inventions and existing technologies.


The video presentation therefore gives out a clear invention in the global adventure with the main intention of coming up with an environmental friendly technology that will assist in the innovation of machines and instrument that will conserve the environment (Weissbach, 2017).


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