Essay on Amazing Hospitality Inc: Success Factors of Ad Strategy & Customer Service

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The advertising strategy is another crucial factor for success for our Company. We advertise on various social media platforms like websites, Youtube, snap chat, facebook, among others. We can attract guests from all part of the world due to our unique advertising strategy. We invest heavily in marketing and advertisement because we believe this is one of the primary critical factors to success.

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Customer Service is another critical success factor of Amazing Hospitality Inc. All our staff is knowledgeable, courteous, and ready to solve any conflicts within the organization. We provide high-quality services. We create strong customer relations by noting the names of our regular customers, offering discounts to our regular visitors. Our gatekeepers and front-desk workers are well trained in most friendly ways to handle, communicate, and direct our guests. This way, we always ensure our services are superior to that of our competitors.

Company Summary

Industry History

Amazing Hospitality Inc. operates under the hospitality industry. The industry comprises the businesses that are primarily focused on customer service like hotels and motels, overnight accommodations, travel and tourism, food, drinks and entertainment, tour cruises, among others.

The earliest mode of Hospitality were accommodations which were owned by a family. It provided food, lodgings, ad drinks for travelers (O'Gorman, 2010). These facilities were mainly preserved for the wealthy class of guests. During the middle ages, European monasteries were used both as lodging and for religious purpose. The term Hotel was utilized in Europe by 1700. It referred to accommodations and replaced the taverns and inns. By I800, the hospitality industry became popular in the United States.

Currently, there are approximately 187000 hotels worldwide (O'Gorman, 2010). The current model of hotels was constructed in the early 20th century. Examples of these hotels included the Ritz in Madrid, the Plaza in New York, Savoy in London, among many others (O'Gorman, 2010). By the half of the 20th century, the improvement in both social and economic factors have boasted the hospitality industry to a great extent. Hotels began diversifying to cater to different industries. The century saw the development of resorts, spas, motels, hostels, and conference hotels (Walton, 2016). The hospitality services are now offering a wide range of services. Throughout the centuries, the principle of the hospitality industry has not changed. Managing hotels today is a dangerous job that requires extensive hospitality knowledge as well as various management strategies. Formal education is very crucial to manage and work effectively in the hospitality industry.

Legal Form of Ownership

Amazing Hospitality Inc. will take the form of a Limited liability company. It will be a legally registered business entity in terms of shares. It will raise most of the capital for expansion through the sale of shares. More so, debentures would play a significant role in the development of the business. The liability of the shareholders would be limited to the number of shares that each of them would invest in the Company. They will also be accountable for the debts incurred by the Company.

Location and Facilities

Amazing Hospitality Inc. is located in Sothern tip of Miami Beach in the USA. The place is cool, with sophisticated shoppers. The visitors enjoy surfing off on the sandy beach as well as the sunny view from South Pointier Pier. Various facilities are required to make Amazing Hospitality Inc. one of the best hotels in the world. One of them is the recreation facility. The hotel needs to provide a recreation center where visitors can do exercise and have fun as well. Therefore, Amazing Hospitality would give an adequate room with a variety of equipment for the recreation purpose.

Comfortable beds would be required for the Amazing Hospitality Inc. Any hotel room would need foundations. Rooms should as well be well maintained to ensure a high level of comfort for our visitors. High-speed wireless connection is another facility that our hotel would provide. It is clear that the current that in modern life, every person always would want to be connected. Therefore, Amazing Hospitality Inc. would offer free WIFI to the guests as one source of luxury. The business travelers would consequently be in a position to continually communicate with their families, check work emails, and update their friends. This way, our guests will remain to be in touch with families and friends through the internet facility that we would provide for the Company.

Amazing Hospitality would also provide adequate security to our guests. Safety is a crucial requirement which any visitor expect from any hotel. Therefore, our safety standards would remain very high. Amazing Hospitality will provide personalized safety measures for various kinds of guests' profiles like children, elderly, men, and women.

Management Structure

Amazing Hospitality would be a fully structured hotel with six departments and various positions with distinct responsibilities. At the top of the hierarchy, there would be a general manager who would be responsible for the hotel. He/she should work closely with all departments and their managers to ensure the smooth operation of the hotel. He should ensure all problems are handled efficiently, and there is teamwork in the organization.

Below the assistant Manager, there would be a general manager who will be responsible for assisting the General Manager. He will be handling any assigned specific duties. He would also oversee the departments on behalf of the Manager when requested to do so. The hotel would be opened for 24 hours. Therefore, both the Manager and Assistant Manager may vary working hours t ensure smooth operations in 24 hours a day. In the event the General Manager is away, the assistant manager would take the responsibility of managing the hotel.

Below the General Manager and Assistant Manager, there are six departmental heads with different roles. The departments include finance, front office, food and beverage, sales, and logistics. The managers for these departments would be financial director, front office manager, human resource manager, food and drink director, sales manager, and logistics manager.

The financial Manager would be in charge of the financial department. His/her role would be to oversee the recording of financial transactions, preparation, and interpretation of financial reports. More so, he would handle the cost accounting as well as cost control for the organization.

The next department is the front office which would be headed by the front office manager. The role of this department would be to handle customer service - for example, reservation, desk service, concierge laundry, housekeeping, and telephone services. The Manager would be responsible for welcoming and greeting the guests, registering, and room assignment. The Manager would always ensure he/she is in contact with the customers.

A food and beverage director would head the food and beverage department. The director would oversee the operations of dining rooms, kitchen, and restaurant, clean up services, among others. He/she would also be responsible for food preparation, beverage, dessert, etc. More so, he would coordinate the dining room operations, food runner, and waiter service.

There will also be a sales department headed by the sales manager. The primary role of the sales manager is to sell the hotel facilities as well as the services. Some of the services and facilities that would be sold include rooms, foods, beverages, laundry as well as a message to potential clients. The sales department team would conduct clients directly or do massive advertisements.

The other department is logistic. Logistics Manager will be responsible for tracking daily supplies, appliances, purchasing, and security. All six departmental managers will be reporting to the General Manager regularly. More so, each Manager will work with a team of employees from skilled, semi-skilled, and casual workers. The departmental Manager will oversee and direct all the employees under his/her department.

Products and Services

Amazing Hospitality would provide a wide range of products and services. Some of the products and services that the hotel would o...

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