Essay on Advantages US Educational System Offers to International Students

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Date:  2022-05-23


The US educational system offers a rich field of choices for international students. In 2013, the United States hosted more of the world's 4.1 million international students than any other country. It is considered to be the destination of choice for international students since the mid-20th century with 74 percent of prospective students reporting the U.S. as their top choice. The number of international students enrolled in US colleges and universities has grown substantially over time. Students aspiring to pursue education abroad are drawn by the quality of higher education system, welcoming culture, and the prospect of transitioning into the labour market after graduation. A study of the advantages offered to international students will encourage the government to target the critical issues that need to be improved to attract more educational tourists. The US education system offers a lot of advantages to international students from all parts of the world.

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To begin with, the US educational system is considered to be of very high quality. It is regarded as vastly superior to any other system in the world. Three-quarters of respondents worldwide rated the US positively regarding the quality of education offered (IIE 47). The advanced research progress plays a vital role in the high quality of education. Quality and equality are both provided by the system. There is an increased chance of absorption into the job market and a faster rate of climbing the promotion ladders as a result of the high-quality education.

In addition, the wide range of schools and programs in the U.S. is major pull factor that attracts international students (IIE 48). Over three-quarters of respondents worldwide felt that the U.S. system of higher education was diverse with many options for different types of students. Over 4,500 US universities offer undergraduate degrees, and opportunities to combine various subjects as majors and minors. One of the most attractive features of the U.S. higher education system is that it provides flexibility through the vast number and diversity of institution types it encompasses. Students are offered options to specialize in a variety of academic disciplines. The fact that special courses not offered in other countries are offered in the US is also advantageous. International students enjoy a broader scope of employment opportunities thus becoming empowered economically.

Furthermore, the U.S. educational system offers a lot of diversity to international students. The education system is becoming increasingly diverse, and this diversity is reflected in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Diversity in education incorporates students from many races, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds; students who speak a variety of languages; and students from many cultures (Snyder& Dillow 221-222). Interaction of international students with the diverse culture enables them to become international individuals who can adapt and thrive in any part of the world. A greater understanding of the different cultures increases tolerance towards different opinions, religions, and traditions or cultural practices. The different cultures have varied practices. International students get the opportunity to borrow and incorporate the practices they admire.


The US educational system offers a lot of advantages to international students regarding the quality of education, cultural diversity of the population and a wide range of universities and courses offered. The US education system produces global workers and has played a crucial role in the increase of highly skilled human resources globally.

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