Essay Example on Women's Strength: Mary Wollstonecraft's Reflections on Equality

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Date:  2023-09-02

The women among the society have been stereotyped as the weak gender in the community. Since the old generations, women have been disregarded to be inferior to men. However, this is not true; the women possess much strong will and potential as the men (Wollstonecraft 298). The paper shall highlight Mary Wollstonecraft's quote that states, I earnestly wish to point out in what true dignity and human happiness consist- "I wish to persuade women to endeavor to acquire strength, both of mind and body." Education and will power shall create better wives and mothers in society.

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Mary Wollstonecraft is among the most influential feminists during her time. Her novel, a vindication of the rights of a woman was a wake-up call for women and a cry for the liberation of all women of the world. She firmly believed that education was the only source that would help create a favorable position of women in society (Wollstonecraft 318). She strongly thought that the liberation of women was only possible through knowledge and learning of the female gender. The phrase highlights dignity and happiness for the women is only possible through the strength of the body and mind (Wollstonecraft 320).

The phrase means that the only way that the women can be proactive in their roles and responsibilities within the society is through the acquisition of knowledge to develop the strength of the mind and develop their bodies. The women have been looked down upon and forced to submission due to underdeveloped thinking and reasoning capacity. The phrase explains the restoration of the dignity of women is through the development of strength of both their bodies and minds. The phrase means that the women gender can only derive happiness towards their roles and restore their dignity in society through strengthening the brain and the body.

I strongly agree with Mary's phrase. Education has always been the source of liberation and development. Knowledge shall lead to the strengthening of the mind for the women and ensure efficiency in their performance in society. The women have played significant roles over the history of America, and this was only able through liberation and strength of both their bodies and minds (Ramos 58). The women need to be educated and develop skills and knowledge to help them manage their activities efficiently plus serve their families optimally. Through education, the women shall not be oppressed, and their issues shall be addressed and given priority. There is a need for mobilization of the women and educate them to have substantial cognitive strength to make effective decisions in their careers, roles, and responsibilities, etc (Ramos 59). Through the strengthening of the bodies and minds, the woman shall have a much-defined role and accountability in society. Workplaces and other opportunities in the market shall be open to the worm; they shall not be confined to the position of household women but rather become a friend to their husbands and help in income making (Ramos 55). There shall be no blind acceptance of submission but, instead, have a purpose in their daily tasks and duties.

My mother has been an inspiration to me due to her relentless effort of being the best spouse and mother to my siblings and myself. My parents have been married for over 30 years, and over the years, her roles as a mother and wife have matured over the years. Since my childhood, my mother has always been my moral compass and tutor during elementary school. Her strong religious mantra and teachings helped me to live right and have ethical values to my current age. She was always there to teach me the bible and guide us as a family on how to live as God expects us to live. Her body and mind's strength was tremendous. She would always be last to go to bed, and the first to get up and prepare breakfast for the entire family. She also prepared the family for school and work, respectively. Her passion for books was undying. She would stay up late to the wee hours of the night reading and studying novels, motivation books, business guides, the bible, etc.


Her character has always been the glue that sticks us together through her vast knowledge of various disciplines and in-depth of God's words and statutes. She has become the role model or us even after the demise of my father, she has worked relentlessly and maintained the status quo of the family. She provided all the necessities and paying for my tuition up to now. She consistently guides us and gives us career advice. Her vast knowledge is remarkable and has been essential for her role in the family. My mother has never been ill since she maintains healthy eating den exercises regularly. Mary Wollstonecraft's urge for women to have the strength of the body and mind is essential for development and performance in society. Strong knowledge and skills are the keys to create better women for the community.

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