Essay Example on User Reviews: The 21st Century's Influencer of Business Marketing

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Date:  2023-10-22

In the current world, reviews play a very large part in the marketing of any business (Hu et al., 2008). Most clients of the 21st century would like to know what other people have to say about a certain product before they buy the product themselves. The confirmation is as a result of the continued exaggeration by most companies when advertising products. User reviews are also important to the reviewed company when taken positively, for it helps the company to identify points of improvement in the services they offer and even the products (Hu et al., 2008). This paper discusses a few of the reviews written about three companies in the US which include: Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry; Hertz; and Little Nepal.

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Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry is a US-based company that deals mainly in selling diamond-based Jewelry to their customers ("Yadav Diamonds & Jewelry - Mission Bay - San Francisco, CA", 2020). The company is family-owned and has been operational since 1983 and hence has been operating for around 38 years. The company is mainly specialized in the provision of customized solutions to its clients based on requests. To obtain the best services, one has to make an appointment before visiting the company or visit the company to make an order then return later for the product. The company deals in both natural and lab-grown diamonds.

For, Yadav Diamonds and Jewelry, I analyzed the reviews given by customers on Yelp. I considered the reviews presented by Stacy, Esther, and Cory. According to the site, all three reviewers are verified customers of the product. From the reviews, it is also evident that the reviewers are the business’s target market. According to Cory, the after-sales services provided to clients are free of charge and efficient ("Yadav Diamonds & Jewelry - Mission Bay - San Francisco, CA", 2020).

On the other hand, Stacy complains about the inefficient after-sales services ("Yadav Diamonds & Jewelry - Mission Bay - San Francisco, CA", 2020). The contradicting reviews suggest that the company is not consistent in the manner in which they treat their customers. It is, however, notable that the company replied positively to Stacy’s comment and must have addressed the problem. It is also noteworthy that all the stated reviewers commended the quality of the products sold at Yadav. Since most of the people have reviewed positively, the comments will impact positively on the sales of the company.

The second company I analyzed was Hertz. Hertz Car Hire is a franchise business dedicated to hiring all types of vehicles to their clients. I obtained the reviews from By perusing through most of the reviews, one could not help but notice that most customers were dissatisfied with the services they received at Hertz. Most of the customers have an issue with inefficient services provided at Hertz, leading to the delay of their schedules while others have problems with their lack of transparency ("Hertz", 2020). This is evident since most of the customers assert that the vehicles, they ordered did not match the description of the cars delivered. Such reviews downgrade the company’s reputation and hence leading to lower revenues ("Hertz", 2020).

The last company I looked into was Little Nepal. The restaurant has been in operation for about 17 years now. It is a family-owned and operated business which mainly sells Nepalese based foods with locally sourced ingredients ("Little Nepal - Bernal Heights - San Francisco, CA", 2020). Looking through the comments, most customers were satisfied with the services provided at the restaurant except for a few clients like Jenny. Jenny was comparing the served meal with similar meals served in another restaurant, and she commented that the other restaurant served better meals. It is, however, outstanding that her review is mainly based on her taste and, therefore, not very valid since people have different tastes for food. In general, most comments will increase sales and even help in shaping the business to become better.


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