Project Managers: Challenges and Opportunities - Free Essay Example

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Date:  2023-11-21


In any company, project managers are entailed with roles of execution, planning, controlling, monitoring, and as well with the closing of projects. These managers are accountable for the project team, project failure or success, resources of the project, and the entire project scope (Rikap, 2020). In taking their activities, they face a lot of challenges and opportunities concerning the project. Therefore, many of the challenges and opportunities will be highlighted and discussed below.

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Challenges Facing Modern Project Managers of Amazon

As a project manager at Amazon Company, some challenges hinder the progress of the company. Basing the argument on the current pandemic there is a corporate problem. First, the pandemic has resulted in the poor definition of the objectives or goals in the company as it has led to the altering of the present ones (Rikap, 2020). Therefore, the company is currently suffering from weak returns hence resulting in a challenge in keeping the growth of e-commerce as a manager. Secondly, as a manager, there is a challenge from the team members. Some of the employees lack enough skills, thus leading to slow progress of the company’s activities (Rikap, 2020). As the number of online customers has increased, lack of skilled employees has slowed down the progress hence less revenue to the company. It has become a challenge to me as manager as I am accountable for low revenues. Lastly, management of the expectations in the company has also evolved as a challenge in the company due to COVID-19 (Rikap, 2020). On how to offer some training, how to make the resources available, and delivery time has affected the come as there is an issue with expectations. These are not attained since no regular meetings and discussions are held up. Thus, this affected the project manager’s work negatively.

Opportunities Facing Modern Project Managers of Amazon

Besides, the pandemic has resulted in opportunities for Amazon Company. That is, it has led to strong merchandise sales, Amazon Prime, distribution, and new business. Amazon being the leading online seller, has an opportunity to make its merchandise sales healthy (Rikap, 2020). Therefore, as a project manager, I have to ensure that there is strong merchandise sales in the company. Such an opportunity has been attained due to COVID-19, which has resulted in social distancing hence minimizing physical purchases. Amazon Prime is another realized opportunity in the company. The company has an opportunity to engineer its prime services basically to promote customer engagement levels while lining its bottom line. Due to the pandemic, the company has made efforts to ensure sufficient distributions, thus building a new business (Rikap, 2020). Such new businesses have resulted as the company tries to satisfy its customers. Therefore, as a project manager, it is crucial to support the company in ideas on where to set up new business and promote the prime services.

With the above information, COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in both challenges and opportunities for companies. It has led to a poor definition of the objectives or goals, management expectations challenges. Opportunities such as strong merchandise sales, Amazon prime, distribution, and new business in Amazon Company. Therefore as a project manager, I should focus on how to overcome such challenges and employ the opportunities.


Rikap, C. (2020). Amazon: A story of accumulation through intellectual rentiership and predation. Competition & Change.

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