Essay Example on Unlock Tomorrow's Leaders with Education: Creating a Facilitating Environment for Learners

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Date:  2023-08-28

I believe that education is the key to developing today's students into tomorrow's leaders. Through education, an individual can develop their self-concept and desire to become more knowledgeable in various field of the study. Every learner has the capability of producing something unique to the world through the help of education. As a person who is interested in an educational career, it is my desire to help students realize this dream by providing them with an atmosphere that will facilitate them to mature emotionally, physically, intellectually, and socially. To achieve this, there are certain features which help in providing the students with conducive environments. Those features are such as teacher becoming and acting as a guide for the students, enabling student's curiosity to direct them in what they are learning, and promoting respect to the learners and other people. My reason for becoming an educator is motivated by the desire to help elementary students to become active learners and also guiding them with their social skills. Teaching has become not only one of the most respected careers but also a ladder that has enabled individuals to be elevated to success and become essential members of our society.

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Various attributes enable students to learn in the best and most effective manner. The first enabler is encouraging metacognition in the classroom. Metacognition is an effective way where learners ‘think about thinking’ (Barry, 2017). It is a regulatory system that helps learners to understand and control their cognitive performance. Students can take control and become in charge of their learning through metacognition skills by being aware of learning methods and coming up with strategies to meet their learning needs. Social learning is another feature that facilitates students to learn most efficiently. Albert Bandura suggested some social learning theories, which are classical conditioning and operant conditioning (Albert, 2016). Through these theories, it is believed that mediating processes occur between stimuli and responses. Behavior is also learned from the environment through the process of observational learning.

It is essential to understand that every classroom presents a unique community of learners who varies in terms of their ability, understanding, and learning styles. As a teacher, my role is to ensure that I present the most accommodative learning methods for all students that will cultivate their gardens of knowledge. That goal can only be achieved when the curriculum that is offered is the effective one that involves the interests of children and makes learning relevant in their life. It will be an easier job for teachers to get their students to remember and build on their lessons if those learners are actively engaged in the study and eager to learn more each day. Effective teaching strategies will facilitate students in viewing how learning is fun and valuable, which will leave them fully engaged in everything they are taught. Three important things need to be put in place before quality learning is offered. Those attributes are self-exploration, group participation, and one-on-one mentorship.

An effective curriculum is the best facilitator towards students becoming competent in their field of study. Curriculum learning describes the method that will guide the students to adequately understand what they are interested in and how to go about it. There are specific skills that are important for the students to learn, which are related to the social and emotional development of K-12 learners. Social and emotional abilities are indicators of how well individuals adjust to their learning environments, adapt learning changes, and successfully becoming essential people in society. Social, emotional skills include conscientiousness, emotional stability, openness, and cognitive intelligence. It is crucial for the K-12 curriculum to incorporate basic skills for the learners that will enable them to perform those tasks, which are considered complicated but straightforward when students ignore these necessary skills. Character building in students is one of the critical knowledge that is worthy for students to learn since it will facilitate them to have the required discipline to understand other areas of study. The best curriculum is the engine of growth is one of the metaphors that describe how education in school gives the ability for the students to grow in their careers and become famous people in society.

It is not possible to have high-quality learning without high-quality teaching. Teachers have the capability of supporting high-quality education in various ways that will enable students to be important in society. They can do so by providing careful structural activities matched to the student's needs and desire. Maintaining a high level of student engagement and incorporating a high level of praise and enthusiasm are other facilitators towards high-quality learning (Lesley, 2018). There is a need for the teachers to develop well planned and prepared lessons that maintain a high level of quality learning to the students. Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire is the metaphor that should guide teachers in providing quality learning to their students. The metaphor is used to show that teachers should comply with the terms and regulation that are set aside, which create a more durable outcome. Quality teaching instruction materials are essential for every teacher, and it is necessary for them to consider the context in which those instruction materials will be used. I believe a teacher is a person who has a calling in the career and is ready to sacrifice him/herself for the benefits of students. I view students' minds like a bucket where the role of the teacher is to pour in knowledge.


Attention needs to be given for the university management to modernize our classroom and create an exemplary learning environment for the student. The learning environment should be the one that is ideal and has been recognized to be standard. The perfect relationship between a teacher and student should be one that is of mutual respect where teachers should realize the fact that students are a developing human being who makes mistakes. Teachers are there to help them fix those mistakes.


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