Essay Sample on Teamwork: Transforming the Impossible into Possible

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Date:  2023-01-31


Teamwork is an important aspect of life and success; it involves the collaborative efforts of individuals or groups towards achieving a particular goal or completing a given task most efficiently and effectively (Cooke, 2016). Teamwork provides a sense of unity among the workmates based on a common interest and responsibilities which are developed within a group of people who are closely related in terms of work. Teamwork can help in changing the impossible into possible through the concept of We Thinking. The power of collaboration among workers in an organization and society contributes to successful programs and fewer obstacles. This paper discusses some of the aspects of teamwork and its impacts on the work zone.

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We thinking is an element of teamwork; it is an act of coming together, thinking together and having a common goal towards achieving something. This aspect helps in reducing the number of obstacles by unlocking different potentials hold by different people, bringing them into one platform and working together to solve a problem or achieve a particular goal (Haas, & Mortensen, 2016). This concept of teamwork once helped us in the hospital when we were dealing with a crisis; there was a road accident which involved many people. The hospital was receiving many patients from the scene, and the regular emergency team could not sustain the situation. Fortunately, when we collaborated (clinical and nonclinical staff), we were able to sustain the situation effectively and in a more efficient way. This was made possible by collaborating, developing strategies as a team, sharing departmental resources and putting aside personal and organizational differences.

Collaboration allows teams and individuals to share resources, ideas and come together for a common goal. It is of great benefit to doing so because it helps to promote flexibility of the team, improve coherence among the team members and enable the team to do things which cannot be accomplished by one person (Cooke, 2016). Sharing resources and working together always contributes to positive results and help the team to realize mire potentials, it also helps individuals to learn from each other and break down obstacles. In the hospital, a patient was suffering from multiple health problems, he was being treated separately by different doctors based on a particular health problem, but the outcomes were adverse. On realizing the link between the conditions which the patient was suffered from, I shared the information with the rest of the doctors, and we were able to establish a different way of handling the patient as a team. The results of the intervention were positive; patients' health status improved.


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