Essay Example on Lockheed Martin: Reinventing Itself Through Ethical Knowledge and Responsibility

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Date:  2023-09-19


Lockheed Martin may be regarded as an organization that was built based on ethics for several years when it used to generate its proceeds by itself. Eventually, the organization lost insight and understanding of the key reasons for its constructions. However, it intelligently utilized ethical knowledge to reinvent and surpass the challenges by being an integral, responsible, trustworthy, respectful partner to all its key stakeholders.

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Importance of the Code to the Company’s Ethics Program

The practice of executing ethical codes in today's organizations have dramatically increased. Their application is triggered by the fact that the modern economy contains numerous variations and modifications. Besides, most businesses are implementing the stated codes of conduct as a result of accommodating varying attitudes amongst the society members, locals, and the suppliers on the available value chains, and their enhanced product significance (Terris, 2005). In the past, several businesses solely applied codes of conduct for their respective organizations and the public domain.

Perhaps, by using codes of conduct, employees can derive a better understanding of the organizational vision that may drive their activities to achieve those specific goals and principles. Moreover, through the use of codes of conduct, an organization can create ethical conduct that would allow it to appropriately manage its business clients, the available merchants, public authorities, society, and its rivals. Most importantly, the codes of conduct can lead to the creation of sound ethical principles and guidelines that promotes effective communication and reduces instances of disagreement, thus limits the extent of conflict emergence (p. 89). Concerning societal responsibility, it is upon the public relations experts to acquire these codes of conduct, to aid them in gaining public trust, that they are qualified to make sensible judgments on various issues.

Importance of Ethics Training and Employee Involvement

For Lockheed company to ensure that their offered training process remains worthwhile and even seems appealing, it must begin to include new technical skills during training to advance the workers' knowledge and abilities. Notably, gaining new skills by workers would improve their morale of work and thus higher productivity. The most substantive aim of offering such training processes is to enable workers to gain new techniques, that aligns with the increasing worldwide organizational diversity (p. 89). More techniques can allow them to diversify and engage in numerous roles.

Conventionally, this would be a strategy to handle the current technical problems that regularly emerge. Also, training can improve the level of accountability of workers, and this would probably minimize the possible occurrence of scandals as a result of errors.

Ways in Which Lockheed Measures Success Using Ethics

Lockheed primarily determines the organization's level of success through a valid determination of employee's ethics. Typically, having respectable ethics in business may raise the team morale of workers and the entire delivery team. Progressively, they may become confident in carrying out the assigned activities and roles that would steer up the process of achieving organizational objectives and deliverables. This is significantly motivated by the presence of corporate responsibility methods of training that are meant to shape workers' attitudes and level of skills. Furthermore, Lockheed uses ethical practice to advance workers on their already acquired knowledge and skills; this reduces errors within the organization, minimizes scandals, and improves the overall output. It is also imperative to state that, with the availability of advanced training aid programs, Lockheed enjoys a higher retention percentage of its employees, as opposed to other organizations that are unethically managed.

Activities by Lockheed at its Operational Level to Aid their Ethics Program

First, Lockheed usually makes communications before the board of directors to notify them of the prospected plans and ethical agendas, to avoid future fallout or disagreement among the leaders of the organization. Developing an appropriate code of ethics at the Lockheed company, which allows the respective personnel to understand the specific requirements coherently, or needs by the employees will enable workers to define their roles and responsibilities in alignment with the organizational standards to reduce ethical challenges (Terris, 2005). Lockheed organization also engages in securing funds, and ensure that its personnel works with the stipulated time, cost, and scope deliverables to reduce unnecessary delays, while undertaking operations, or developing training programs.


Conclusively, Lockheed Martin's organization has outstandingly utilized its available organizational resources to effectively offer the modern training facilities and programs to its personnel. This ensures that they work to address the present challenges that have been caused by a more excellent range of customer and local diversity. From this discussion, it is also visible that despite having adequate operating skills, it is essential to gain new skills, and advanced methods of delivering these techniques, to ensure that the company works strictly within the framework of ethical principles and standards of practice (Terris, 2005). Besides, the company has also fostered in creating a positive and ethical working environment by being responsible, honest, responsible, decisive, and trustworthy. Applying these codes of conduct to promote ethical principles allows Lockheed Martin to establish a superior working environment using moral knowledge.


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