Article Analysis Essay on Meet the Life Hackers by Clive Thompson

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Date:  2022-12-20


The article "Meet the Life Hackers" by Clive Thompson explains about the interruptions that people face at work. This is a very serious concern for people at work; particularly there are various things that cause disruption-like mobile phone, computer, work colleagues and the supervisor. The article is enjoyable to read particularly when it explains how a person tackles a project without interruptions and the repercussions of disruption. The author has interviewed numerous prominent people and talks about the movements on resolving disruptions. For example, he interviewed Microsoft researchers on disruption and user interface design (Thompson, 2005). The process followed by this article is captivating to the reader. The paper examines the reasons why the article by Clive Thompson is interesting.

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Clive Thompson has clearly minimized the barrier to entry. He has made it easy for the reader to be drawn in. The opening paragraph at the beginning of the article is interesting for the reader to analyze. A reader can wade through the huge wall of text and ascertain that it is enjoyable to read. Thompson has made the first paragraph short and punchy. After reading the first three sentences in the starting paragraph, it is easy to buy-in the concepts intended. The reader can skim it and read it in scarcely more time than it would take to scroll past. Thompson has clearly explained how Gloria Mark was hired and how she was not accustomed to disruption. It is easy for the reader to deduce from the first paragraph that interruptions in the workplace are the main theme in this article. The reader can also understand the various causes of disruptions at the workplace. This makes it interesting for the audience.

The author has kept the paragraphs of this article short and the text is visually appealing. Generally, from the first to the last paragraphs, he has shortened everything. The reader cannot lose interest because due to the captivation of the text and the shortness of the paragraphs. Thompson appears to understand that short paragraphs are tantalizing and easy. The reader can just desire to read more because the eyes get drawn to the pages. Thompson has clearly noted that office multitasking is challenging for many people. Thompson notes that Gloria Mark set out to understand the extent of irritation during the disruption. The shortness of the paragraph makes the reader understand that interruptions are the fundamental challenge in the workplace. The setting of the text is appealing. Thompson is categorical in every paragraph to note that disruptions are annoying. The text has also noted that disruptions can be beneficial to the employees. Thompson has introduced Mary Czerwinski to further stamp the authority of interruptions that occur in the workplace. It is interesting to see how NASA has been introduced in the concepts of the article. The reader is also likely to be thrilled by the discussion of the history of science of interruptions. The article informs the reader that information is no longer a scarce resource but attention is. This is enjoyable to the reader and creates continuity of readership.

Another aspect that makes the article interesting is the substance given in this article. Thompson has ensured that the article is packaged into something useful. The article is stimulating such that in spite of its length, the reader can endure reading it to the end. The article has also ensured that everything represented in every paragraph is useful. The information represented is not just abstractions and the concepts are clear to the point. The message is also delivered suitably and the meaning can easily be understood. The author is able to tell the reader that disruptions are also important in the workplace. The article is also interesting because it tells a good story. Thompson has mastered the art of writing by understanding that the audience loves stories. Thompson has introduced stories like Gloria Mark, Mary Czerwinski, David Rose, and Linda Stone-this draws the reader into the article to spark human interest. The author is able to capture the attention of the reader by recounting the events of disruptions, setting the stage in workplaces and unfolding the plot in a logical manner. It is interesting how the reader learns that disruptions make the reader feel alive, important and able to connect with other people.


Conclusively, the article, 'Meet the Life Hackers' by Clive Thompson is an interesting article to read. The author has properly minimized the barrier of entry and has made it easier for the reader to be drawn in. The first paragraph is easy to read and understand. The reader cannot lose interest in reading the article. Thompson has also ensured that the paragraphs are short to attract the attention of the reader. Another component that makes the article interesting is the substance given to the subject. Thompson also makes it interesting to the reader by telling a good story. Many readers love stories while reading an informative article.


Thompson, C. (2005). Meet the Life Hackers. Retrieved from: on date 10/4/2019

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