Cases Involve the Death of Employees Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-19

Summary of the main facts about the case

The two cases involve the death of employees wherein the first case two deaths are reported at the Foxconn production building in China, where most of the world's iPads and iPhones are assembled. The other case involves a garment factory collapse in Bangladesh where over 400 employees are reported dead, with more than 100 others missing or injured. For instance, in the Foxconn case, one of the victims took his life after work, which can be possibly explained by the company's stressful working conditions.

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Who are the stakeholders involved in this case?

In the first case of Foxconn, the primary stakeholder is Apple firm who products are assembled at the site. The other case, the primary stakeholder is the British textile manufacturing company Primark

What ethical issues and principles are involved in this case?

Though achievement of the organizational goals is vital, it is crucial for the organization to treat its employees ethically. Employees should have a moral obligation to look into the welfare of their employees (Chan & Pun, 2010). It is not the case with Foxconn as there are harsh working conditions for them, as they are paid meager wages and forced to work overtime of sometimes over 14 hours a day for seven days a week. In Primark, the working conditions are poor, and the workers are paid 38 dollars a month, which is below the minimum wage of 60 dollars advocated by Oxfam. Over 400 workers also die in the factory building.

Has anyone behaved in a way that is unethical?

Both Apple and Primark have behaved unethically as they both exploit employees and underpay them. For instance, workers are forced to work overtime to build Apple products that are then sold at high prices to consumers while they are paid meager wages. Primark, on the other hand, pays workers a wage of $38 monthly, which far much below the required minimum wage of $60.Workers also die at the company's premises (Ucar, 2017).


Firstly, all the affected families have to be compensated for the deaths especially in the case of Primark. The company has to be held responsible. Secondly, the government should introduce the Construction and building Act to ensure company's buildings are constructed to the required standards to prevent future death of workers (Clelland, 2014). Lastly, the firms should create a conducive working environment for workers and increase their wages to meet the required standards by Oxfam.


The company should ensure that they do not exploit their workers. They should always ensure that the workers have a better working environment. No deaths should occur at the factory due to the negligence of the management.


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