Essay Example on Thomas Jefferson's 1800 Presidential Campaign

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Date:  2023-01-23

Political campaigns depict the popularity of a leader in the country based on his/her manifestos. Democracy enables people to criticize their leaders depending on their political performances and admirations. Thomas Jefferson was one of the candidates in the American presidential election in 1800 (Holowchak, 2013). During the presidential campaign, Jefferson's rival accused him of infidelity and religious extremism. Political and religious extremism disqualified Thomas Jefferson from public office because he was connected to the French Revolution (Turner, 2011). the cartoon defamed Jefferson because God's eye instigated an American eagle to grab the United States Constitution and Independence from the hands of Jefferson. After the snatching of the constitution from his left hand, Jefferson kneeled down before the altar of Gillic which belonged to the French. In this case, the eagle represented the Federalists who tried to prevent Jefferson from destroying the independence and constitution of the United States of America. Some cartoons depicted an alleged attack by Jefferson in an attempt to kill George Washington. The cartoon was developed to defame Thomas Jefferson and prevent him from becoming a president because he was a Muslim.

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United States of America has a diverse group of people. Cultural diversity determines the ethnicity of the people living in the country. Many scholars and demographers have projected that by 2050, the country will no longer have a majority group. Research on social science and behavioral changes of the people determine the evolution of the multiracial society in America. The components or factors affecting the coexistence of the people include patterns of discrimination, and racial bias among the ethnic groups in America Revolution (Turner, 2011). The inter-family debate suggests that racial bias in America affects social, economic and political development because racial discrimination does not promote unity and collaboration among the people. The leading racial groups in America include the Black Americans, the Whites, the American Indians, the Asians, and the Hispanics. the inter-family debate also suggests that some of the common variations among the diverse racial groups include income, access to quality primary health-care, housing, employment, and levels of education. The differences in the social, economic and political factors lead to discrimination social injustices.

Slavery started in 1619 after a Dutch ship arrived in America with 20 African slaves at the shores of Virginia. British colonization of America resulted in the slavery because the colonial masters wanted cheap and reliable workforce in their plantation fields; therefore, Africans were taken as laborers. British settlers in America then brought many Africans since they were acquired at cheaper prices from their rulers in African. African slaves provided reliable labor as compared to the poor European and American servants. Historical scholars have estimated that more 7 million able Africans were taken to America in the 17th century, therefore, depriving Africa of its strongest and healthiest men and women. The slaves were working mainly in rice and tobacco plantations in Northern America. Slavery contributed to racial discrimination because only black people were forced to work in the plantations (Holowchak, 2013). The negative effects of slavery led to the emergence of Black activists who advocated for the rights of the African Americans and the amendment of federal law to create equality in America. The institution of slavery also led to the Revolutionary War in America. After the war, United States constitution acknowledged the slavery institution and the aims was to create equity and unity among all people in the country regardless of their racial diversities.


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