Essay Example on The Presence of Ancient Aliens

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Date:  2021-09-02


In history, there were ancient aliens who visited the earth. The aliens had an elongated skull, big eyes, long neck, and they appeared overweight in their torso. Before they came to earth, aliens only existed in space. The reason they decided to come to earth was the limited gravity that existed during ancient history. A large number of them fell from space while others came with their spacecraft, and began to make interactions with humans. Some of them were hostile while others were calm as they attempted to mingle with ancient humans. The aliens had their way of communication because they had some kind of speech impairment. The essay discusses the presence of ancient aliens.

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Historical Evidence

There is historical evidence to prove the presence of ancient aliens. The first one is the Egyptian pyramids. When one takes a closer look at the pyramids in Egypt, it is evident in their eyes that aliens had to play a big role in their construction. Martin (2010) articulates that considering the pyramids were built in 2570-2560 BC, there is no doubt that aliens used advanced technologies to build them. The second evidence is the Puma Punku in Bolivia. The ancient temple contains big stones that weigh up to 100 tones. As the author explains aliens helped to build the stones using the technology they came with from space. The third evidence is the construction of the Moai of Easter Island. When landing on earth some of the aliens dropped on the sea while others landed on soil. The author asserts that according to history, aliens which landed on the sea helped to construct the slopes on the island. More to the point, the last evidence to prove the presence of aliens in ancient history is the Stonehenge in Europe. The author affirms that the aliens had the strength that enabled them to build the Stonehenge during history without the help of humans.

Another evidence to prove the existence of aliens is their devastations. Knight (2011) affirms that in history, humans believe that some of the disasters were caused by aliens who were hostile. One particular example, which the author provides is the central valley California flood in 1862. The author suggests that aliens made hat possible by causing precipitation in that state for a period of 40 days. The author emphasizes that the aliens cause the flood attack because they were angry with humans whom they felt were interfering with their mission on earth. Some humans were disturbed by the presence of aliens on earth and decided to kill them one by one by throwing heavy rocks at them (Knight, 2011). For that reason the author states that the aliens revenged by launching an attack by causing floods on earth through the use of their mystical powers. A second devastation was the presence of UFOs. Knight (2011) avers that when aliens realized that humans were afraid of the UFO sightings, they made them more visible to them. The author explains that in 1720, humans began to notice UFOs in the air. Besides that, he explains that the UFOs used to make scary sounds while in the air. Moreover, as the author adds, some of the UFOs used to land on earth scaring humans away.

Ancient aliens made contact with primitive humans. Martin (2010) avows that in history, aliens interacted with humans. As the author explains some of them associated with humans while others distanced themselves. He explains further that despite minimal communication, those who connected with humans helped each other to build some of the ancient sites present today. Jorge (2007) backs up Martins claim that ancient aliens made interactions with humans. In his book, he affirms that one of the ancient people called Muratisi Kibenga from South America proved the existence of aliens on planet earth. Muratisi Kibenga affirms that the first day they saw new creatures on earth people wondered where they came from until one day when they witnessed five of them fall from space (Jorge 2007). According to the author, Kibenga indicates that they used to collect stones and woods from the forest to start fires and the aliens helped them in doing so. As well Kibenga states that the aliens had massive strength and described it as something that was out of this world (Jorge 2007). More so in his book the author asserts that aliens used to eat leaves from an ancient plant in history called the conifer.


In summary, the fundamental facts presented above prove the presence of aliens in ancient history. Truth be told, ancient humans could not have built some of the archeological sites that are present today. Their sophisticated nature only proves that it was the work of aliens who landed from space. Even though it appears difficult to comprehend the presence of aliens on earth, some of the worlds mysteries could not have been elaborated more without affirming that ancient aliens made the constructions possible. Overall people in the contemporary world should accept the fact that aliens existed during history and will come again in the future.


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