Essay Example on Sustainable Practices: Hospitality Companies' Push for Positive Change

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In recent years, hospitality companies have focused on the importance of sustainable practices in the provision of their services. The performance of such methods is directly related to the success of these companies. In their enrollment to this trending culture, hospitality companies ensure the best operations in environmental, economic, corporate, and social sectors. In return, these practices have changed the images of the public on specific issues into a better perspective (Kaur, 2015). In this discussion, various sustainable practices and their impacts on belief changes are emphasized and accompanied by concrete examples.

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Environmental Sustainability Practices

Practices of environmental sustainability are one of the most important points to be discussed. There is a close relationship between hospitality companies and nature (Diallo et al. 2015). The first practice is on the energy conservation-Hospitality companies have adopted new ways of energy uses - replacement of traditional lights in corridors and standard rooms, reduction of hours spent with the lights on. Hotels can embrace change guests' culture by encouraging them not to use their linen, but whatever is offered in their rooms (Boella & Goss-Turner, 2019). The use of keycards ensures that every guest switches off the lights before leaving the room. The impact of this practice is changing the mindset of guests that everything should be done for them. All guests will do their best to play the sustainability role (Bonner & Marianne, 2019). Patara hotel in Montegnary Bay has gained better aesthetic value, and the guest belief that the hotel is environmentally hazardous has changed.

Second is water maintenance practice. Hotels and restaurants ensure that every clean water is used with purpose. Guests are mentored to proper usage of water in bathing and recreation. These companies recycle wastewater and treat sewage. Enhancing these practices makes the general belief of hospitality companies as being polluting environmental institutions changes. Clients gain a new configuration of the hotels being neat in services provision (Boella & Goss-Turner, 2019). The surrounding environments in hotels are kept clean through refreshment of the dumpsite, planting of trees evaluates the identity of hotels in environmental conservation.

Economic Sustainability

Economic factors play a significant role in the services offered by any hospitality institutions and the expectations people have towards it. Some people believe that all excellent and equipped hospitality facilities are expensive for any ordinary customer. However, some facilities like restaurants, for example, Daban hotels in South Africa, widely use educational materials like posters and some personnel to eliminate this belief (Bottorff & Tim, 2018). For example, a customer is offered by a menu indicating all services and foods provided to ensure that any customer is convinced beyond doubt. It employs personnel whose duty is to advise and make sure any customers are equipped with all the information about any service or food offered. Some facilities like restaurants ensure that customers get all the services at a reduced price as possible. Practicing this ensure that any customer can receive several services at offered by any facility (Mowforth & Munt, 2009)

Another economic practice that has been implemented by several hotels and recreational facilities is introducing all possible cheap meals to accommodate all types of customers, for example, offering fruits at a low of $1. such practices change the image by many that these facilities are only affordable to high-class customers. Besides, online materials containing all relevant information is availed to all possible clients to ensure that they are proved beyond doubt about the quality of services being offered. Any client can calculate the cost of anything and plan adequately before visiting the facility, hence reducing the myth that there's no proper information access.Hospitality companies exercise professionalism values to endure an excellent public image (Woodcraft, 2011). The companies concern needs for others through fairness in deals, honesty, and integrity. These practices are necessary policies that change negative beliefs of corruption and favor practices in the industry. For example, a tour guide will treat all tourists the same way in interactions (Woodcraft, 2011). The method of story development creates culture and eliminates incorrect beliefs about a hospitality company is done through manipulation of a history of the origin and achievements of a company (McDaniel & Kelly, 2016). The vision and service purpose are included in such outlook adverts. For example, an excellent dishing hotel can eliminate people's belief that it is unaffordable by displaying all the prices of meals offered and all other services too.

Another strategic practice implemented by several hotels and restaurants includes providing a chance for every customer to give feedback about services offered (Figini & Vici, 2010). This data is used to improve the operations and also change the beliefs by some people that there are no proper ways and interaction for self-expression. After any communication from customers with any service provider at a hotel, for example, the Hoxton hotel, the client is always advisable to submit a suggestion or any complaint about services offered. More so, employees are equipped with well-defined duties that ensure there is a flow of information either from up downward or downwards to upwards (Lasen,2013). This has, however, makes some hotels eradicate the belief that there are no proper communications to facilitate any assurance on working on any suggestion.

Almost all hotels and restaurants provide a reception desk that offers free and good interaction among the clients and employees. This is enforced by ensuring that all receptionist meets the best standard, considering how they provide services to all types of client- this change the beliefs of some clients that some hotels do not have a friendly welcome to all kinds of clients (Garry & Font,2012). Many hospitality organizations employ a competent security officer who ensures that the security of any client is guaranteed 24 hours (Figini & Vici, 2010). Any security officer is taken through some tests to ascertain the ability to handle various situations, which include the ability to handle a rude client, receive any client and also counter any attack (Chen et al., 2010). This practice is being used to eliminate the myth that some restaurants are not secure.


In the hospitality industry, there is a consensus role of companies such as hotels and recreational centers in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). However, the public images of such companies are diversified (Cohen et al., 2014). The sectorial companies are working hard to make up collective positivity. In the environment-related practices, companies have shown interest in building up their projections in the green movement hospitality project. The 3 Rs recycle, reuse, and Reduce been the common strategies in environmental practices (Crest,2016). Energy and water audits have rationed the health and cost beliefs about companies through lowering of expenditure and health-related factors (Kaur, 2015). In related social practices, hospitality companies have portrayed an extensive footprint in betterment approaches. CSR is the gearing factor in all these practices.

Hospitality companies practice compromising. With this action, hotels and restaurants can dismiss the profound belief of workers taking hospitality jobs as a center of entertainment (Daniels & Craig, 2018). Application of professional ethics ensures that all prospective workers view hospitality jobs as any other dangerous job in the market. Best leadership practices do away with the belief that hospitality companies are poorly governed and make rush decisions to suit any arising needs. Every action is planned and allocated to particular resources

Engagement in CSR has not only been used as a marketing tool but an interactive platform where economic evaluation emphasis. The belief that hotels are only there to make profits overlooked (Malhado,2014). Customers in the sector can now acknowledge that costs audited are correct and fair. Besides, the economic practices leverage core competencies in workers, which changes the view of the social actions of the hotels. In societies of religious settings, people tend to view some hospitality service as immoral (Kaur, 2015). For example, the view of massage for women as prostitution in the Islamic context. Massage providing companies strategize the type of workers handling each gender and therefore freeing the poor image of massage.


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