Essay Example on Spoken vs Written Texts: Communicating Information With Sentences

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Date:  2023-09-10


The definitions of spoken and written texts reveal immense differences, but the nature, agent for information, and form or medium are the main distinguishing factors. However, analysts agree that the existence of discourse without the text aspects is contestable. Noteworthy, spoken, and written texts represent the communication of information that requires the use of sentences (Hultgren, 2019). Therefore, the use of sentences for the communication of information is the fundamental similarity between spoken and written texts. The following section presents a fundamental puzzle that faces every new analyst of spoken and written texts.

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Texts Dimensions

It is not possible to research studies on spoken and written texts without getting its text dimensions. Importantly, both spoken and written texts use sentences to communicate information despite their many differences (Crawford, 2012). Additionally, explaining any aspect of spoken and written texts requires the possible negation of the same aspect in the text. For instance, saying that spoken and written texts have an interactive social character requires opposition that text is non-interactive.


The interchangeable nature of spoken and written texts raises analytical confusion, depending on the context of use. However, the two terms are distinctive components of communication and linguistic studies based on the interactive aspect each possesses. An agent is crucial to spoken and written text analysis, as opposed to text, which is non-interactive.


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