Questions on Social Media and Marketing Industry

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Date:  2021-06-16

Question 1

Social media are computer mediated technologies that facilitate communication between people across the globe. Social media is an important marketing approach that is increasingly becoming popular for market research and also for carrying out marketing and awareness by organizations. Today, there are many social media organizations which have increased competition and the number of people using social media continues to double ever day as telecommunication devices technologies become more accessible and growth of technology which has made internet cheap and easily accessible.

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Question 2


Google is a leading competitor for Face book and provides communication products. Google has a president and a chief executive officer. Larry Page serves as the organization chief executive officer and Sergey Brin serves as the organization president and they are also the founders of the organization.

Google ticker symbol - NASDAQ: GOOGL

Market capitalization

Market capitalization refers to the market value at a point in time of the organization outstanding shares traded publicly.

Market capitalization= outstanding shares multiplied by the taking stock price

Google market capitalization as of May 9th, 2017 stood at 659.14 billion with a share price of 956.71 USD per share.


Twitter is an online social networking service that allows users to interact with restricted messages. The organization is headquartered in San Francisco, California. The organization is headed by Jack Dorsey as the chief executive officer.

Twitter Tickle Symbol - TWTR

Share price 18.37 USD

Market capitalization 13.15 billion USD

Yahoo Inc.

Yahoo Inc. is an American technology and telecommunication company that presents significant competition to Face book. The organization is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, United states of America and it is headed by Marissa Mayer as the chief executive officer and president.

Yahoo Tickle Symbol- YHOO

Share price- 49.49 USD

Market capitalization 47.77 Billion USD

Question 3

Face book market share

In 2016, Face book enjoyed a high market dominance of 70% of the social media industry globally despite losing market share in the United States. However, the market share dominance has dropped to 40.57% by the end of April, 2017. Twitter follows second despite its market share remaining at stand still. However, Twitter has been experiencing market share growth since September but this trend is yet to reflect in the organization share price which is dropping. Google+ market share continues to drop and as of January 2017 the organization had a 0.16 percent market share

Question 4

It was easy to complete this assignment due to the ease in access of information on the above organizations. The information shows that the social media industry is very competitive and as technology access continues to grow so does the social media industry.

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