Worst Teacher I Ever Had - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-07-25


Teachers are instrumental people in one's knowledge-seeking process and career choice. With their enthusiasm for their work and their desire to ensure the student has learned something, one can eventually get inspired to work hard and become a pilot or a doctor. Some even have a great sense of humor that they make school an enjoyable place to be. Nonetheless, there are those teachers who make learning a horrific experience. Have you ever cried tears of pure happiness because a teacher is leaving? This happened to me at grade eight when my English teacher was transferred to another school. The reason was that he was the worst English teacher I ever had. My grade eight English teacher adopted a harsh and unreasonable grading system and would repeatedly make me feel stupid.

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My grade eight English teacher harshly and unreasonably graded our marks to appear like we were all failures except a few favorites. For a fact, Mr. Idiot (as we named him because of repeatedly referring most of us as idiots when teaching) failed almost every student for no reason. Even when I worked so hard on my essays, the highest grade would be 50%; he awarded 30 or 40% for most of the compositions. Sometimes he would decide to grant everybody except few (his favorites) 45% on an essay that we spent days and nights researching and writing. When other classes wrote the same essay, they were awarded 70 to 90% by their teachers. We would be left wondering how dumb we were. At the end of each quarter, he would call each of us to negotiate the grade one felt he or she deserved. I told him I deserved a D because he always awarded me an F and he said he should have given me a C, but a D was better. No rationale for grading! Thus, my grade eight teacher turned out to be the worst because he fixed grades that did not reflect our abilities and learning progress.

In addition to awarding unreasonable grades, my class eight English teacher was unwilling to help me improve my performance making me feel stupid. In one instance, I decided to approach him with a quiz that I had not understood and needed his assistance. He stood over my shoulder telling me I should have studied more to understand! I felt worthless, dumb and insecure. In another instance, he came to class with a literature assignment that needed some analysis. Instead of first helping us develop the skills and strategies required to undertake the task, he told us "come on! It is not that hard, start working." He made me feel stupid that I could not do something that was easy.


Therefore, my grade eight English teacher awarded unreasonable grades and refused to help me perform better, making me feel dumb. But the reality was not that my peers and I were stupid; the teacher was unreasonable, unpredictable and a mock. He liked a few students whom he would award fair grades while the rest of us would have to feel sorry for ourselves when presenting the report cards to the parents. With all the humiliation he let me go through my grade eight, that he turned out to be my worst teacher I ever had.

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