Essay Example on Professional Nursing: Caring for All

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The role of a professional nurse involves collaborative, coordinated and cohesive care of individuals of all communities, groups, age, and families. Nursing entails the prevention of illness, promotion of health, and taking care of dying, disabled and ill people. A nurse acts as a primary caregiver and confidant. They advocate for what works best for the patient by identifying their interests and attend to their physical, mental and spiritual needs. They also work together with the healthcare team to effectively perform procedures and administer treatment. For this to be achieved, the nurse needs to assess the condition of their patient, and communicate effectively to ensure the best decisions are made.

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I have always had a strong passion to help other people since I was young. However, my decision was influenced when I was working as a volunteer at a care center. Watching the nurse work for long hours tirelessly made me realize it was the right calling was for me. Helping people in distress comes naturally, but I always wanted to do more. During the years I worked as a volunteer, I learned the great impact the small kind gestures we show to people have on their lives. Changing someone's life even in the most little or basic way, and bringing a smile on their faces is the most rewarding feeling for me. I know nursing is a daunting and challenging profession, but being able to selflessly help people and bring change in their lives would give me ultimate satisfaction.

UIC Mission and Vision

I will be an outstanding student and use my enthusiasm and passion for studying to gain the knowledge I require to make an excellent nurse. I will also organize debates with my fellow students to exchange ideas on the issues affecting health care, and come up with relevant solutions to the problems.

After I finish college, I will use the skills and knowledge acquired to offer the best service to my patients. I would love to bring change wherever I work and leave a positive legacy for your institution. Although I have never held a leadership position before, I'm confident by the time I graduate from UIC I will have polished my skills, and acquired the necessary qualities to make an exceptional leader. It is my goal to transform our health institutions to be the best in providing fast recovery and wellness of patients.

I have interacted with many young people with great potential. Unfortunately, lack of mentorship and responsible adults to guide them leave their talents not nurtured. It is a shame seeing children whose future seemed very bright resorting to drugs and petty crimes due to hopelessness. Others find themselves battling with parenthood when they are supposed to be enjoying their childhood. My dream is to be able to open a youth center where young people can get mentorship and guidance while interacting with their role models. A little encouragement and reassurance will go a long way in ensuring they remain focused on their dreams.

Commitment to Diversity

This is the inclusion of cultural, demographic and personal differences in an organization or community. It involves nurturing a constant environment where everybody has the responsibility to build and sustain supportive and respectful relationships regardless of gender, religion, economic status or race. Any form of discrimination or injustice is not tolerated. In a case when they arise, they are confronted and resolved amicably in a nonviolent

In a college set up, it is common for people to differ in terms of culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, ability, and socioeconomic status. By having interpersonal relationships with other students, I will be able to learn from those whose experiences, beliefs and perspectives are different from mine. I believe by having an understanding of other people's cultures and beliefs I will be able to examine and adjust my attitudes and be able to accommodate and treat everybody with respect. It will also enrich my personal and educational experiences, and help develop my commitment to diversity.

Creating awareness about respecting other people's cultures is detrimental in curbing social injustices and stereotypes meant to demean or portray people in a negative manner. I will make it my mission to ensure peace is maintained everybody is treated in an equal capacity. Lastly, I will help identify and solving disparities among students and encourage them to celebrate our differences and use them for a positive outcome. This would help foster a harmonious study environment.

My Experience with a Stressful Situation

My best friend and I were inseparable since childhood. Unfortunately, his family separated and he had to relocate. Luckily, after one year and a half, they relocated back and I was overjoyed. However, after a couple of weeks, I realized my friend had changed. The focused academic giant who had dreams to transform the world didn't care about anything anymore. I talked to his parent who assured me he was fine, he just needed some time to re-adjust.

One evening he called me hysterically and informed me that he was in trouble. I panicked and called the police. Later on, I was shocked to learn he was arrested while in possession of illegal drugs. Everybody was against me for having him arrested. I even blamed myself for not having been a good friend. Maybe, if I had pushed him harder he would have spoken out instead of resulting to indulge into drugs.

I wrote to him every month during the six months period he was in prison and spent a lot of time volunteering. This helped me to cope with the situation. Looking back, I wish I had been keen enough to identify how troubled he, but I don't ever regret calling the police. Earlier this year, he called and thanked me for saving his life. He is also about to graduate from high school. Though I have not seen him for a couple of years, I am glad that he still has the chance for a bright future.

Creating a Balance between Family, Work, and Studying

I'm very determined to be a nurse and I will do my best to avoid anything that will pose a threat to achieving my dream. I will organize my schedule in a way that my work and studies do not overlap. I have already informed my employer of my decision to join college, and she was very supportive and promised to provide me with a flexible schedule. I will take fewer working hours if need be or work during the weekends only. However, if it gets too strenuous, I will quit work and focus on my priority first, which is studying.

I'm also blessed with an amazed family. They were very happy and supportive when I informed them of my decision to pursue nursing. They know my passion is being in service to others, and they are committed to helping me all through. They will always avail their support in whichever way I need them, be it emotionally or financially. My parents also introduced me to volunteer work when I was very young. Organizing my responsibilities and alternating between my studies and other commitments comes very easily. I am confident I will excel in my studies without neglecting any area of my life.

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