Essay Example on Mitsubishi Polyester Firm: Proposed CSR Initiative

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Date:  2023-05-08


Mitsubishi chemical holdings America Inc. is one of the subsidiary companies of Mitsubishi Holdings Corporation. The paper will focus on Mitsubishi Polyester Film, which is a division of the subsidiary company. Mitsubishi Polyester Film is a prominent global leader and a leading polyester supplier across the globe. The paper will focus on the proposed CSR initiative for the division.

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Propose CSR Initiative for Mitsubishi Polyester Firm

There are various proposed CSR strategies for this division. The CSR initiative is important because every company needs to consider the financial, social, and environmental effects of its business activities on society. The organizations have obligations that exceed their economic interests and legal obligations towards the societies they are located (Simon, 2018). Besides, if these CSR strategies are implemented, they will enable the division to enact positive changes in society. The proposed CSR strategies include reduction of carbon footprints, improvement of labor policies, Fairtrade participation, a making environmental socially conscious investment.

The rationale for the initiative

Reduction of carbon footprints is a fundamental step not only for Mitsubishi Polyester Film but also for every other Company. The carbon footprint consists of overall greenhouse gases that are emitted in the process of production. When the division adapts this CSR initiative, it will help to save both the environment and the wildlife. Adverse impacts of carbon printed to the environment include erosion of shorelines, destruction of ecosystems, shifting of indigenous plants to cooler places, and displacement of coastal cities due to rising seas. The shifting of vegetation threatens wildlife; Nature conservancy report shows that a quarter of all species are likely to be extinct in the next four decades if the trend continues (Morse, 2018). If this CSR strategy is implemented, then it will help to conserve the environment and save the species.

Improvement of labor policies s important as labor is the core source of the workforce, expertise, and services that are needed to produce finished polyester supply from the raw materials. The division should improve working conditions and compensation for all individuals offering labor, may it be unskilled semi-skilled, wage employees, or contractors. It will not only help the division increase its polyester production but will also ensure the division is fulfilling its obligation to its employees.

Fairtrade participation is also an important strategy to be adapted because it will promote fair prices, community benefits, and daily wages (Tiffen, 2019). This strategy will enable the surrounding community to produce more raw materials since they are given fairer prices, better trade terms, additional funding for community development. Lastly, the adoption of environmental socially conscious investments is a great move. Besides the investments bringing profits to the Company, they will also help the division to adhere to environmental and social guidelines. Once the strategy is adopted, the polyester-producing division will ensure that the environment is conserved. As seen earlier, environmental conservation ensures optimal avoidance of environmental pollution. Besides, socially conscious investments will promote the division's input to the community by promoting projects that are more beneficial to society.


The most appropriate person to receive these proposed CSR strategies is the Human Resource Manager. The HR manager is the best person to receive this proposal because one of his responsibility is to consult with leading executives on setting strategic plans. With the HR manager serving as the link between the employees and the management, he is in the best position to receive the proposal so that he can steer its implementation.


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