Essay Example on Predicting the Future: Making Better Decisions for Success

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Date:  2023-01-03


Besides (Beachum, 2018), shows an image of a man with many question marks. The question marks symbolize that questions that majority frequently ask themselves to predict for the future once implementation and a final decision is reached. Beachum in his article of "How to get better at making decisions and predicting the future," explains that as people tend to make decisions from a multiple of alternatives, the future prediction is seen as the core business. In other words, the author tries to play about probability concept.

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It is all about making a comparison that if this particular alternative can be chosen, then, the chances are that it may result into an outcome A, and when the other is taken, the outcome might be B. by figuring out the extent of ease of their happenings, an appropriate decision can be formulated that will result into the best outcome. This is just another bit that proves that this particular theory is more of predictive on how the future might look like (Beachum, 2018).

This illustration gives a way to think about how states can communicate mutually to borrow ideas either legally or illegally to make reasonable conclusions. For international politics to progress in the future, a country can look into a particular problem that another state once experienced, and the actions that it took to solve the specific problem. This can, therefore, become easier for the decision makers in the panel to make quick decisions for issues that need urgent solutions. The more the linkage with many states the higher the chances of making hasty decisions, because there will be a vast number of actions, and most countries usually experience almost similar problems (Decision-making. (2003, July 12).

Comparison Between Decision-Making Theory and Predictive Theory

By definition, decision-making theory refers to the interdisciplinary tactic that determines how choices are made in case of unknown variables or undefined decision atmosphere context. Various states may have uncertain conditions that need clarification and better suggestions, to come up with this proper guideline that aims at making the situation with the government bureaucracies comfortable and run smoothly. These decisions can then be used to predict for the future performance of the government parastatals in various states. For instance, after identification of the problems and decision-making process, the data or the agreement is always implemented, without any uncertainty of failure, but still, the principal scope of the implementation in most cases is always to help in predicting the better future or the success of the initial concern that was in question, this process is generally referred to as predictive theory. Decision-making theory is thus directly linked to the predictive theory.In conclusion, decision-making theory is a good concept of solving future problems in various states or countries. By investigating on the current or the recent past occasions, a proper decision can be made using the Mann's technique for example and the knowledge provided by the Beachum, to effectively make concrete decisions that give a promising future. Creating useful links with the foreign countries can also help in bringing in several policies that may easily influence the decision-making process or the standard operating procedure processes.


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