Essay Example on Maximise Learning & Academic Achievement: Impact of Student's Dominant Learning Style

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Date:  2023-04-09

Discussion 4

Learning styles have a great impact on student's academic achievements, the student has their preferred learning style. Each and every student have the dominant learning style that they use in class to understand the concept taught in class, teachers will always use preferred learning styles towards students and it makes teacher have much understanding of the students in the class. Dominant learning styles in class used by the student have a great impact on their academic achievement as it is the preferred way to muster the concepts taught in class (Cheng and Chau, 2016). Students will always choose their preferred learning to muster the concepts taught in class, learning styles are much useful and should be encouraged among students for greater impact in their academic achievements.

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Discussion 3

Different students have got different learning styles that suit them and make them muster the concepts taught in class as fast as possible. Each student will always prefer an easier and convenient way of learning. VARK is a questionnaire that helps one to understand their learning style, it is a better tool to help one understand their learning abilities of mustering concepts. Students will always have options that they can choose from if one approach does not work. The brain is not programmed but flexible to try different approaches. Students should always be motivated while in class, this will make them have confidence in their abilities and produce the best out of them in class. The learning styles should be combined with the teaching style for them to be effective.

Discussion 2

Learning styles are approaches used by individuals to muster concepts taught in class, students can use different styles, for example, solitary, social, logical, physical and aural to master concepts taught in class. The student will only choose the style that will enhance their learning in class, the student will explore different methods of learning but will focus on the most dominant one that will ease their learning. Training of the mind will help on how to master the concepts taught in class in a way that is appropriate to them to easy to retrieve back the information when needed (Balakrishnan and Gan,2016). Cultural believes have a great impact on the student's academic achievements and teachers should always be aware of the cultural beliefs.

Discussion 1

Each and every student have got their different learning styles and how they apply them is much different from each individual. The natural environment of the student is much important because it can be used to measure the learning behaviors of the student. For the measurement to be accurate the assessment should only be carried out in the student's natural environment. Students if they are not monitored they tend to rely on their old habits of learning which might not be appropriate in some situations. Teachers using the appropriate learning styles on every student appeal most to the students and make learning easier for students. Presenting all the learning styles to the students and then choosing the best from the list will help students master concepts in class.


Balakrishnan, V., & Gan, C. L. (2016). Students' learning styles and their effects on the use of social media technology for learning. Telematics and Informatics, 33(3), 808-821.

Cheng, G., & Chau, J. (2016). Exploring the relationships between learning styles, online participation, learning achievement, and course satisfaction: An empirical study of a blended learning course. British Journal of Educational Technology, 47(2), 257-278.

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