Essay Example on Manifest Destiny & Alexander Graham Bell: Pioneering the American Missionary Association

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Date:  2023-08-30

Section one


Manifest Destiny - This was an ancient 19th-century form of belief among the American which was intended in expanding their territories and maintaining their cultural values.

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Alexander Graham Bell - He was a great American scientist who invented many things including what is considered as the first telephone.

American Missionary Association (AMA) - This was an association that was started in the United States of America. Its main aim was to try and stop the slave trade which was going on in the country and many other parts of the world

Civil Rights Act of 1866 - This is a law that was passed to protect the rights of every American across all racial, religion, and opinion divide. It is believed as the first federal that offered equality in America

Black Tuesday, October 29 - This was the moment when the prices of the stock exchange in New York stock exchange collapsed. It was in the year 1929 October.

American Federation of Labor (AFL) - This was the American labor union formed in Columbus. It was formed around 1886.

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution - This is the scientific study of the origin of species and how it has changed depending on habitat and behavior.

Woodrow Wilson - 28th President of the United States of America from 1856 to 1924. He was also a lawyer and an academician.

Bull Moose Party - Theodore Roosevelt’s political party which he used to participate in an election. Its nickname was moose bull because of its strength according to those who supported it.

Jeannette Rankin - She was one of the renowned American women rights freedom fighter, she held several positions which had not been held by women in the US, among them was the house of representative position in the US house.

Section two

Question 2

Americans and the Great War, 1914-1919

The American administration and government have come a long way since independence. There have been a lot of events in different régimes. More so America has had a lot of challenges and all these events change for the better and more so depending on the sitting president and several leaders in the government. One of the significant factors that led to the change in things with the United States depends on the international relation of the United States of America and different countries. This paper compares and contrasts life before and shortly after the Civil War in the US. It also discusses the radical Republican, reconstruction plan, and how 14 and 15 Amendments have impacted on the lives of southerners in post-civil war. Just before the Civil War, the United States of America was under the leadership of President Woodrow Wilson. In his administration, President Woodrow had no good international relationships with most of the country. This could have meant that the US would not have any support in case there would be any differences. At that moment just before the civil war, the United States of America was still fighting with many problems that dealt with its people, there were many injustices and the politics had not gained enough democracy. Due to administration purge and many other social problems like racism, some people were living a miserable life. Only a few who had powers and those which the government amendments favored them (Learning,2020). People were still living in poverty and could not meet the main basic needs, Education was just for a few, there were fewer jobs and people had a hard time to fend for their families. Just after the Civil War, most people had joined the army to fight in the war with the hope of bringing something to the table; however, things did not turn the way they were expected. Most people were lost during the war and everything was in a mess. Many people remained widows; widowers, or orphans, life was more difficult than before. Although there was hope for a stabilized government which would bring better lives for its people, that was to come later in the meantime the social life was worse than ever.

After the Civil War, a reconstruction plan on how the three would be equality among everyone was made. The likes of the Freedman Bureau, Wades/Radical republicans bills were established and implemented to provide laws that will protect the interest of the two parties conflicting during the Civil War. This bill proposed that everyone should be treated equally and there would be no discrimination based on race. Southerners were given slots of political representation in the senate where they will advocate for their rights. The people from the south also were allowed to take part in an election as a form of inclusivity in politics(Hall.etal,2019). The whole reconstruction plan was all about black supremacy and their rights to be treated just like the other people, especially from the south. It was successful in bringing interracial democracy and blacks were able to fight for their rights.


The 14 and 15 Amendments were among the major amendments that brought hope in the southern part of the States. The 14 Amendment granted citizenship to all people who were born or neutralized in the United States of America. The 15 amendments on the other side enabled them to enjoy some of the rights such as voting and even receiving jobs. This affected so much the lives of people in a positive way. Most people's lives were becoming better after the amendment.


Hall, A. B., Huff, C., & Kuriwaki, S. (2019). Wealth, slave ownership, and fighting for the Confederacy: An empirical study of the American Civil War. American Political Science Review, 113(3), 658-673.

Learning, L. (2020). US History II (OS Collection) | Simple Book Production. Retrieved 13 June 2020, from

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