Essay Example on Kia Motors: Mastering the Art of Advertisement

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Date:  2023-01-16

In the contemporary marketing paradigm, how you present your commodity to the consumers could determine the success or failure of the product. It is no surprise then that companies and corporations have mastered the art of advertisement and are coming up with ingenious ads, which will have the best appeal to the viewers. The Kia motor company has, in recent years, produced commercial advertisements that have left the viewers awed, excited, and blown out of their imagination. An example of such an ad was the "Optima-One epic ride" which aired in 2011 during the super bowl advertising debut for the Kia motors (Communications, 2011). This commercial exemplified the rhetoric employed in the modern advertisement, and it embraced grandeur, intensity, and larger-than-than-life concepts that proved to be of great success. In other words, Kia Optima ad "One Wild Ride" shows how people from police and villains, to aliens and ancient chiefs try to snatch the Optima from the clutches of others and put themselves behind the wheel. In every scene, they did try to use the best camera angle that they could find. Being that they used dramatic orchestra makes the audience want to see what's about to happen next.

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Throughout the advertisement, the viewer is treated with dramatic scenes of police, villains, aliens, and ancient chiefs trying to snatch the Optima from the clutches of others and put themselves behind the wheel (Communications, 2011). This dramatic representation of the Optima midsize sedan is intended to convince the customers that the car is the best that there is in the automobile industry and everyone will do anything to have it, even if it's just for a short period. Also, persuasive rhetoric is evident in this add where the creators use all the three advertisement techniques of pathos, ethos, and logos. The adrenaline rush brought about by owning the car, and having a ride on it is the perfect use of pathos where the emotions of the viewers are targeted. We see in the video that car is desired by all people across space and time and will do anything to get their hands on the sedan. According to communications (2011), the desire to be the owner of the Optima drives the police, aliens, and ancient tribes to great lengths, and treats the viewers with an epic adventure across time. On the other hand, the advertisement appeals to logos, the young customers whose primary objective of owning a car is to look cool and make their peers feel jealous (Communications, 2011). Any customer watching the commercial and interested with looks would go for this car as it is depicted as the coolest looking car in the industry with the least amount of money to buy it. Lastly, ethos is also employed as the product creates desires among men, aliens, and ancient people. Since its inception, everyone in the streets is eager to own the car, and even the officer breaks the law for the sake of the Optima. The boat called "The Desire" in the video and the young man surrounded by beautiful women in this vessel summarizes the theme of ethos by showing the influence and power that the car would bring to whoever owns it (Communications, 2011).

Kia uses the best camera angles that they could find to attract their clients. The producers of the advertisements were well aware that camera angles can dramatically affect how people perceive the characters. It is no wonder that this advertisement employs four different camera angles to make this advertisement. The first angle used is the bird's eye view where the camera is placed above the subject and thus looking at the object and the ground (Walmer, 2013). An example of this is where the helicopter approaches the car and launches a garget which picks up the vehicle from the road. The second angle is the eye-level angle, where According to Walmer (2013) the scene is shot at roughly the same level as an observer. In the video, this is seen at the beginning where we see the two owners of the car being handcuffed on a police bike and the police escaping with the vehicle. The third view is the low-angle view, where the vehicle is suspended above to emphasis on its power and authority. Such example is when it approaches the boat, and the man has to look at it using a pair of binoculars. Lastly, some scenes in the video are shot through a high-angle perspective where the viewers look down to grasp the importance of the environment (Walmer, 2013). For example, when the alien ship drops the car in the new planet, the car is viewed as a small object in harsh and rugged terrain. By using these different angles, it produces various perspectives of the object, the environment, and the event. Through the lenses of the camera, the viewer can enjoy the mythical journey from different angles.

The Dramatic orchestra music makes people want to see what is about to happen next. The use of musical effects in this advertisement creates suspense to the viewers, and everyone is eager to see how the events will unfold, and it thus brings out an emotional response in the commercial. Other than providing entertainment to the viewers, the music also brings about memorability in that once the customer hears that music later, without even looking at the screen, they can associate it with the advertisement. As mentioned, the music targets the consumer's emotions and moods by creating an environment that emphasizes the authority and power of the car. Being able to incorporate orchestra music in this commercial makes the video more enticing and grabs the attention of the audience.


In conclusion, the advertisement is both popular to the young and the aged viewers as it captures all the emotions across the spectrum. As noted in the commercial, the ad does not dwell on the information about the car itself, like the engine capacity of the vehicle, safety features, and fuel consumption, among other features. However, this commercial dwells on the coolness of owning this car and shows the hype it creates in different people from various places, and time and thus planting the seeds of curiosity in the minds of the potential buyers. The commercial was one of the most successful advertisements ever aired on television networks and is still remembered due to the creativity involved.


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