Evaluation Essay Sample on Apple Company: Reducing Carbon Footprints Through Sustainable Initiatives

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Date:  2023-03-04


Apple Company uses environmentally sustainable initiative since it complies with the rules and regulations that help in reducing the impacts created by-products which are used by its consumers. For example, the data centers for Apple Company run through the use of renewable power. Apple tends to minimize carbon footprints by reducing the emissions produced by fleet vehicles. Also, the Company executes frequent audits, which ensures that the hazardous wastes are either treated, incinerated, or recycled (Lombardo, 2019). Therefore, through the use of an environmental sustainability initiative, Apple has helped in ecological conservation and management.

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Internal Stakeholders

The internal stakeholders are organizations or groups which are involved in the transaction of Apple. The internal stakeholders of Apple Company are the employees, creditors, suppliers, and customers (Lombardo, 2019). The iPhone users required the Apple Company to pay for slowing down the older iPhone phones (Youtube.com, 2019). These iPhone users were forced to buy new ones due to slow usage on the older ones that could have led to a shutdown.

Consumer Stakeholders

Apple Company has prioritized its customers as the primary stakeholders when devising the corporate social responsibility approach. This group of stakeholders is primarily comprised of organizational and individual buyers of products from the Apple Company. Customers focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of Apple products (Lombardo, 2019). Therefore, through different environmental programs, the Company recycles its waste products, thus addressing the consumer's demands that allow business sustainability.

Other Variable or Factor That can be Evaluated for Apple Company

The competition, which is a primary challenge for Apple, should be assessed to help in improving the sale of its products. Competition is experienced from either Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, or other high tech companies. The companies which compete with Apple Company tend to increase their competition towards low-cost structures and pricing. According to Form 10-K (2018), the operating and financial conditions of Apple are significantly affected its competitors, who put pressure on its gross margins. The factors which need to be evaluated are the product and service features, price, quality, and reliability of the Apple products and services, marketing, and distribution of the Company. Therefore, after the evaluation of various aspects such as price, quality of products, and services in Apple Company, there can be an improvement in its sales, thus leading to the achievement of goals and objectives.

If a Company’s Strategies or Actions Are Involved, Should the Company Have Acted as It Did?

I believe that Apple Company can be transparent to the old iPhone users and provide proper strategies that will retain the fastness of iPhone usage. For example, if replacing the old iPhone batteries can prevent the phones from slowing down, Apple can make the cells available at the retail shops and sell them at a lower price. Through this action, old iPhone users will not suffer significant losses due to the need to purchase new phones. Therefore, the Company cannot have acted as it did if they had utilized various strategies. Through the utilization of the Company's strategies, the iPhone clients can have continued to enjoy the iPhone services.

Actions the Apple Company Should Take and Their Pros and Cons

Apple Company can provide new batteries at the retail shops and sell them at subsidized prices. This action might make the Company experience significant loses, but at long last, they will have retained their clients. Also, by being transparent to their customers, the Company will regain its trust and proceed to offer its services to consumers (Youtube.com, 2019).


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