Essay Example on Higher Education: Active Learning Classrooms & Research Answers

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Date:  2023-05-21

Higher institutional educations have been increased by building active learning classrooms to replace the traditional lecture halls.

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Methodological Vigor in the Research Answers

Appropriateness of Research Design

There was the use of both quantitative and qualitative measures in the collection of data to understand how an intentional space would promote learning. There was also a validation of the findings by triangulation of data obtained from multiple sources. Data was collected from both students and school faculty.

Appropriateness in Data collection Methods

Data for the research was collected through interviews and questionnaires. There was also the use of online surveying of the faculty. The online survey was appropriate because it allowed for quantitative data from participants to be easily analyzed. Interviews were used because conversations are important at gathering personal information about a participant. Data collection is crucial in collecting qualitative data.

Quantitative Part

External validity: the target population comprised of students and school faculty. Two hundred and two participants were surveyed, and they all responded to the study.

Internal validity: the correlation approach was useful in determining factors affecting CLS.

Construct validity: the author developed the survey. Participants were randomly selected for this study that constructed the survey's validity.

Reliability: reliability check was carried out to ensure consistency in the values collected.

Qualitative Part

Transferability: A sufficient description of the participants was taken, which included learning model, classroom activity, technology, and space for students and information regarding pedagogy, space, and technology.

Credibility: triangulation was done by collecting data from various sources and documents. An alternative explanation was carried out where the researcher reviewed, resolved, and listed the disconfirming pieces of evidence.

Consistency: the researcher first obtained consent from the participants before the interview began. The researcher conducted a series of multiple analyses on the interview data, the data that was collected through questionnaires were analyzed, and any inconsistency to the study removed. Member checking on results obtained was done, where results of interview analysis were checked and examined by some of the participants of the study. The member checking was done to ensure that results achieved did not vary much with what the participants expected.


The research was done by conducting thorough and appropriate research, research design, and research data collection methods to achieve the desired results. The validity of the quantitative part was well supported with the external proof, interior, reliability, and construct validity of the collected data. In the research, the reliability was moderately high. The qualitative part of trustworthiness was supported by credibility and consistency. The trustworthiness was achieved by conducting triangulation, seeking alternative explanations, and member checking of the obtained results.


The researcher can obtain better reliability by revising the questionnaire and using the revised questionnaire in conducting a pilot survey. The qualitative part can be improved by adopting a journal review in the research. Given that the data is mainly obtained through interviewing, adding other data collection methods such as observation and secondary data sources will increase the credibility of the research study.

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