Essay Example on Finance Education: My Early Beginnings

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Date:  2023-01-29

My desire to pursue higher levels of education in finance traces back to early childhood, where I got exposed to matters of finance. My father ran a business whose affairs he involved me. Specifically, I assisted him to; handle his customers, stock inventory, and develop supplier channel. Sometimes, I could accompany him to banks to do cash deposits and other related transactions. Frequent trips to the bank introduced me to banking personnel, which further inducted into financial matters. Later, I involved in accounting and finance, owing to my good background in Mathematics.

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Throughout my various levels of training and professionalism, I have been able to positively impact the areas I have been privileged to serve, besides my excellent performances in the multiple levels. In college, I have pursued courses in finance, economics, banking, and language (English). During my Bachelor of Science (Banking) that ended in 2011, I undertook credit risk analysis, financial engineering, marketing financial products, personal finance, principles of finance and investment, and financial institutions management corporate finance, under finance courses. In economic courses, I studied principles of microeconomics, principles of microfinance, companies in Islamic economics, and Principles of Islamic Economics.

Moreover, I am conversant with domestic banking operations, banking laws and regulations, money and banking, bank accounting, international banking operations, E-banking, credit risk analysis, treasury management, banking supervision, and sharia control. During the study, I also managed to attend English Language classes and learned to communicate using the language. I graduated with a GPA of 3.4.

Later, in 2016, I completed my Master of Science (Finance and Economics), graduating with a GPA of 3.67, having undertaken finance and economics courses. Here, I learned corporate governance and ethics, quantitative analysis in business, security analysis, international finance, sales management of financial services, and seminar in finance and financial planning. The economics courses for my masters' degree entailed econometrics, and seminars in; international economics and economic development, advanced macroeconomic theory, and advanced microeconomic theories.

Other than serving supervision of senior analysts and financial advisors at The Investment Bank during my internship in 2010, I have been lecturing at different levels from 2012 to date. Between 2012 and 2016, I served as a teaching assistant, handling basics in banking and finance to undergraduates. Besides, I also provided assistance and instructional support to professors in my department. Then, in 2016, I became a fully-fledged lecturer in the college of economics, teaching introductory courses to banking. Other than teaching, I also participated in courses setting, curriculum revision, planning academic-related matters, and discussing current banking issues with members of my department.

Despite the time I have taken in the teaching profession, and the interest that I seem to express in the profession and related activities, I have not been able to serve in any bank, other than the duration of my attachment. However, producing the most competent bankers requires that they receive the best of training during their time of the study. The requirement translates to the best of professionals to take the bankers through their various courses in banking and finance. More to the knowledge in the banking and finance field that I stand to acquire, I already possess strong international skills. I also am a good time manager and a meticulous organizer. Additionally, I am proficient in Microsoft Windows software. Being an Arab, I also boast my fluency in English, considering that it is not my first language. Therefore, I request that I get an opportunity to do my Ph.D. in Finance.

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