Essay Example on EQ vs. IQ: Comparing & Contrasting Two Concepts

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Date:  2023-08-28

Differences between Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and General Intelligence (IQ), Compare and Contrast Between the Two Concepts

EQ is an individual’s capability to recognize his own as well as other people’s emotions. It refers to a measure of a person’s level of emotional Intelligence, which delineates between various feelings and uses such Intelligence in guiding behavior and thinking. IQ refers to the measure of the level of Intelligence of a person, which is well contemplated in the obtained score by the individual in a test of Intelligence in comparison to the received scores by other humans of his age in that particular test (Rockstuhl et al., 2011). IQ recognizes people with common sense, high intellect, and mental challenges, while EQ helps identify those people with difficulties in socialization, managers, leaders, and captains. Also, EQ is used to measure one’s emotions that are measure emotional Intelligence I a person while IQ is used in measuring the general Intelligence of a person among other people in a particular test. Besides, a person with high EQ can express, recognize, and control emotions of a person, perceive as well as assess the feelings of others. In comparison to this, a person associated with high IQ can understand, implement knowledge and learn logical reasoning, and abstract thinking (Rockstuhl et al., 2011).

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In contrast, the one’s level of his IQ determines success in school, while an individual’s level of EQ reflects the victory in his real life. To add, EQ is used to measure a person’s emotional and social competencies and expressions of people’s emotions. Conversely, one’s reasoning ability and academic skills are measured using IQ. These two concepts still differ on how they are acquired. Emotional Intelligence is just learned and improved while IQ opposes this as it is an ability to be born with (Rockstuhl et al., 2011). For instance, can be used by a patient in a hospital that is a communicative patient who unusually becomes quiet can be a sign of telltale of the mass of emotional problems, which is being bottled up inside. A nurse can then interpret the symptoms that can understand, communicate, and attempt to assist the required emotional care, thus contributing to the patient’s overall experience improvement. While an example of IQ is that one can be athleticism compare. That is, a skilled runner is not guaranteed to be an excellent skater figure. However, as this person is fit and athletic, they will perform better on physical activities than those with less coordination and more sedentary.


Rockstuhl, T., Seiler, S., Ang, S., Van Dyne, L., & Annen, H. (2011). Beyond general intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ): The role of cultural intelligence (CQ) on crossborder leadership effectiveness in a globalized world. Journal of Social Issues, 67(4), 825-840.

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