Essay Example on Education: A History of American Schools & Systems

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Date:  2023-03-26


Education is vital in the life of every individual. It is the source of development in society everywhere around the globe. This paper discusses important events and occurrences in the field from the elementary levels to high school levels. It examines data collected from library databases and other relevant academic sources. The key terms used include events, primary schools, high schools, examinations and school schedules. American schools and the education system has a great history. It is believed that the first schools opened up as early as during the 17th century. Boston Latin is the oldest school, followed by several others, such as Massachusetts (Setiawan, 2019). It was dominated by the English lessons on lifestyle, church, family relation and apprenticeship. It was a significant agent of socialization among the people during the time. Arithmetic and literacy skills were expected to be taught within the family. Since then, the education system has grown broad and more complex than in those periods. This history is essential as it satisfies any person interested in understanding and appreciating the long journey that modern education has come. It helps understand the needs that the future children might need to learn in elementary schools.

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The modern education system caters for learners from an early age in an elementary school. It is the principal place where children get to develop and learn early literacy skills and socialize. It is usually designed for children within the age of 4-11 years old and others under the age of joining secondary schools.

According to the article, government statistics show that in the year 2001, there were atleast92858 elementary schools in the USA, the number bringing together both students in public and private institutions (Peterson, Gaskill, and Cordova, 2018). The national center for education statistics reported an increasing number of students at the level


The primary school level education majors in essential academic learning and socialization skills. The children are introduced to several qualifications and behavioral adjustments needed to cope up with the society. The skills learnt to include algebra and proficiency in English grammar, spelling and vocabulary (Education, 2019). Districts determine public school curriculums. There are a few schools that teach music and arts.


In my opinion, however, the need to hold teachers accountable for the scores results in examinations during the final year of the end of school terms is not fair and should be abolished. The lack of the teachers' top comply with this accountability puts pressure on them, making them teach the students and even extend school times to try and increase the chances of students excelling. It makes them conduct their work in an unprofessional way. The synthesis of a large amount of relevant information is neglected by the students who would instead memorize little sections of information likely to occur in examinations. Ignoring the teaching of sciences and social studies are not yet developed well in the elementary curriculums. The main reason for this absence of empathy is due to the teachers being trained to be generalists. A great deal of time has been allocated to the teaching of basic mathematics and English. In conclusion, the articles are significant in understanding the history of elementary education in the United States. It is essential in understanding the process by which kids get to be molded and prepare for future lives in high schools.


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