Cause and Effect of Cyber Bullying Essay

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Cyberbullying has been a controversial issue across the world. It is defined as the use of the internet purposefully to harm other users in a hostile manner. Most of the youth across the globe have access to the internet from schools or homes. The majority of the children access the internet services not for researching about school assignments or for other academic activities, but it has become part of their social life. The youths mainly engage in chatting, sending photos or emailing one another. But like other social activities, some notorious children bully their friends online. Ideally, cyberbullying is not different from other kinds of bullying that takes place online. Cyberbullies can come from unknown users, classmates or online friends and in most cases, these bullies know their victims. The problem of cyberbullying has become so difficult to control because it takes different forms. This paper is therefore a persuasive essay, which discusses cyberbullying and why it is a controversial issue across the entire globe.

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What Effect Does Cyber Bullying Have On the Victim

Cyberbullying has an effect on people of different ages. It can have an effect on adults, children and teens. On most occasions, many affected children will feel embarrassed and thus may not be able to seek help from adults because they feel so ashamed of themselves. Others may also think that telling other people what they are going through will make them be judged. Ultimately, the only advice they can get from these adult relatives is to ignore what is going or to deactivate their account. Cyberbullying affects the majority of people in their day to day activities and may become a source of worry and grief to them. As a result, people may commit suicide due to cyber bullying.

How Does Cyber Bullying Hurt Others Feelings

Cyberbullying instills the feelings of insecurity into the victims. Ideally, they may feel that the bullying is everywhere in that they cannot find a place to escape. Children who are targeted most of the time have no idea who is causing the pain to them as the perpetrators are usually anonymous. Continuous and frequent bullying makes the victim feel like the whole world knows about what is going on with them, hence making them perceive the situation they are in is difficult to handle. As a result, they become powerless and vulnerable.

Cyberbullying Effects on Education

Cyberbullying has also been reported to affect the educational opportunities of the victims, based on the fact that most of the affected children may end up being absent for their studies. They feel so ashamed of themselves. They miss school because they don't want to face the children who bully them online or they are humiliated by the text messages or embarrassing pictures which were shared on social media about them. Their absenteeism in school makes their grades go down. They start to fail, and some of them drop out of school altogether.

Ways to Prevent Cyber Bullying

In my opinion, cyberbullying is a social challenge and therefore requires the initiatives of different stakeholders and public participation. In this way, parents, schools, teens and the government have responsibilities of controlling this problem. Notably, parents should be aware of the things done online by their children and monitor their children's activities. On a wider note, they should know the sites which their children visit frequently with an aim of establishing the safety or security of their children. Parents may even go to the extent of installing monitoring programs or parental control filtering programs for their children so that they can keep an eye on their children online. As matters of showing deep concern, parents may always enquire from their sons regarding their password but not log into their social media accounts unless it is necessary. To control cyberbullying they can also follow their children in social media to check what they post.

Secondly, schools should also be responsible for controlling cyberbullying, through the creation of policies that control the use of technology, which have the capacity of affecting children's online behavior in and out of the school. In this way, learning institutions should institute various conduct governing the school community. Nevertheless, the bill of rights should be provided to students by the management. Such provision will facilitate the students' understanding and awareness regarding their rights.

Additionally, the teens have an important role to play in controlling cyberbullying. In this case, children should have information about cyberbullying, its effects and the way it can be mitigated. They should know the things that may lead to cyberbullying so that they can prevent them from occurring to them. In the case of those using the social media platforms, the passwords should be protected at all the costs. Giving out their password can result in other people posting false information about them or pictures, which they may not want other people to see as they consider them private. Besides, they should remember to log out when they are using devices which are not theirs to log into their social media account. Also, before posting any photos on social media, children should concede if they want people to see the picture because any weird thing they post online can be utilized by the cyberbullies to make their lives miserable.

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