Essay Example on Crew Resource Management: Prioritizing Patient Safety & Clinical Success

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Date:  2023-09-04

For many years the crew resource management has shown success in many hospital units like the first medical centers in bringing better quality and safety. Just like Emily's idea and view, patients' safety should always be the priority in all the clinical care centers. The reason being that safety correlates with the clinical safety-specific behavior, accidents, and even the injury rates. However, putting the CRM training program has cost and benefits at some time in the first medical center. For instance, the cost of the training environment should be established in the center of the necessary resources. Also, before the actual training, the trainees must be prepared for the training which has its own cost. The instructors who will be training needs to be appropriately trained hence, bringing up another cost financially. To maintain the post-training performance, CRM training should be provided again and again.

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Despite the CRM having being costly, it is also a program benefiting the first medical center by improving communication. The CRM also helps in situational awareness as they exist in the medical center. In the medical centers' operation, the quality and patient safety officer who is Emily, in this case, needs to be aware of the safety, the plan, and the patients, and they should develop skills necessary to maintain the program. The CRM also helps in decision making in the medical centers they are in. For instance, the CRM group should be able to make critical decisions, even when they have little information about the situation. For the CRM team to achieve this, they must have experience in the foreground and even proper training on decision making. However, CRM works as a team, and they can bring teamwork to the medical center, thus helping to work towards a solution to the problem at a shorter time.

When CRM is chosen, they must show results at the end of a successful program. They're some of the metrics used to measure success, and the same will be used to indicate the CRM success. For example, I would use the cost reduction metric to measure success. If the cost of resources used before the program was started, then that can be used as a metric of the success measure. Savings is another metric used to measure success in the medical center program. For example, if there is an actual identified percentage of the savings over the years, that means there is a success. Cost avoidance is another metric used to measure success, which is done by identifying the amount of money you avoided spending due to unnecessary damages, repairs, and replacements.


However, CRM makes more sense in specific units than in others. For example, CRM may be needed most in intensive care units than in other units like a regular ward. In intensive care units, improved safety to patients is more valuable since they are at a stage where they are fighting for their lives. Since the CRM aims to increase the patients' understanding of how threats develop and the provision of tools and skills in responding to such risks, it will be of more help in intensive care units. It is essential to take several steps for the intensive care units to sustain the approach for the foreseeable future. Thus, the implementation and the preparation of the Intensive care units for the CRM requires dedication to develop quality improvement.

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