Essay Sample on Bill Gates: Evaluating His Leadership Impact on Microsoft

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Being a leader calls for many characters, to serve the subjects in the standard way and make achievement as any leader will always have his/her objectives and the ones for the company or organization. To fulfill this objective, essential leadership qualities are paramount. In this study, Bill Gate one of the world's known great businessmen and the founder of Microsoft will be evaluated to prove whether he has, during his time of leading the Microsoft Company made any achievements both at for his employees and externally to the users.

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In a business setup, a vision can be described well as a form of inspiration statement of an organization that it would achieve under the basis of either short term or long term basis. The primary purpose of having a vision statement in a business organization, and any other institution like schools, hospitals, and the court of law, is to guide the general activities undertaken. It becomes effortless to identify mistakes in the process of managing, only if the possible outcome does not match with the vision. Bill, in one of the interviews, states the vision he and the Microsoft Company has in the future vision 2030 and 2050. He explains that in the future, computers will substantially be intelligent since computers will have the potential to see, hear, and process data at a super-fast speed. The leader also promises that there is a need to develop and advance the communication between computers, to make users operate efficiently anywhere at any time without any inconveniences. With the technical improvements that have occurred in Microsoft since the time of invention also proves how determined the company is and how clear the leader has is working towards his visions.

Communication Skills

In business, leaders must have superb communication skills to ensure that they successfully achieve their goals and expand their businesses significantly. A leader needs excellent communication skills to interact with his employees, to improve their morale of work and convey to them the new ideas and plans of the business. Similarly, a leader should communicate well with the buyers of the product in this case, Microsoft to be able to persuade them that indeed the product meets all their needs and preferences. Most importantly, it is the point of business expansion. Since by expanding through forming partnerships with other groups of experts in different fields, there is a possibility for the transfer of ideas. In the year 2015, Bill Gate, Warren Buffet, and Richard Branson came into an agreement to work together and promote communication skills amongst their companies (Johnson, 2015). If the leader managed to bring together the other two counterparts and form an agreement, it shows how the Microsoft leader is competent enough to improve the company.

Self-Confidence and Moral Conviction

Confidence by managers is essential in any business setup. It dictates the level of individual trust that a manager has in solving issues whenever they arise in an organization. Moral conviction, on the other hand, refers to the subjective assessment, which defines moral, ethical beliefs and attitude of a leader towards doing what is right and wrong in an organization. Bill gate is an exceptional manager who is admired for his nature of self-dependence in decision making process within the company. His moral uprightness is also recognized from his ability to provide positive goals and objectives in ensuring that the users of Microsoft continue enjoying new features. His inspiration to other individuals also remains a legacy that for the world wealthiest and smartest entrepreneur.

The Ability of Inspiring Trust

In business organizations, trustworthiness is an indisputable character of determining trust in an organization. Most importantly, it is essential for a leader like a bill gate to build a strong trust between him and other employees. Bill gate has been an inspirable leader of all since the invention of Microsoft. In the year 2010, bill gate won "Bower Award of Leadership" (Dillon, 2011). Among other awards that he has won, he has proved to his employees that he can do it, and so the company can do it. By receiving this awards, he has built strong trust not only within the organization but also to all users of Microsoft, as everyone believes he is indeed doing an excellent task at the helm of the organization.

High-Risk Orientation

Theoretically, risk orientation can be defined as the way that managers or leaders express their needs and preferences by engaging in risk-taking behavior. The outcome may be, either way, success or failure. Depending on the orientation and manner by which the risk is taken. An individual having a high-risk orientation can be linked with a character of taking high risky options to gain expectations. In other words, they are always willing to take risks as much as there is a probability of success from the total fraction of the outcome. Bill Gate, the Microsoft founder, is well known for his charter of turning significant risks into significant opportunities to use them in building the company. When he was in high school, he decided to take the risk of leaving school to begin a program. What he was not assured whether he would succeed or not. He admits in an interview that such choices are risky, and one has to be a high-risk oriented to be bel to involve in them.

Additionally, Bill has also has involved innovations of a lot of features in Microsoft. This is risk-taking because, as a leader, you have to ensure that the change is going to bear fruits, and not interfere with the already existing plan. Microsoft improvements are a great example of areas the entrepreneur took risks to benefit and improve the company.

High Energy and Action Orientation

This is a leadership trait that determines the personal efforts made by a leader in an organization towards the mutual achievement of the stated aims and objectives. It says that leaders should remain to act as role models in a company, to be able to persuade other workers and employees to put more effort. Customarily, when a junior observes the junior doing similar operations of an organization, they will be motivated and feel like they are accommodated by the leader or rather people of the more or less same class. The Microsoft founder has over the years remained as the shining light of other bodies in the company. For instance, in the year 1992, he won the medal of "National Medal of Technology and Innovation." (LINKS, n.d). Other employees in other sectors like the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg have, therefore gained a lot of motivation as recent leaders in the field of technology.


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