Essay Example on Coca-Cola: The Iconic Brand of Non-Alcoholic Beverages

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Coca-Cola is an American multinational beverage company. The headquarters of this company is in Atlanta, Georgia, US. All over the world, it is recognized as the most famous, most significant, and most-valuable brand in beverage production.

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Coca-Cola manufactures non-alcoholic beverages. Coca-Cola has a red and white logo that is recognized globally.

Looking through the history of this company, the idea of this brand, Coca-Cola was created by Doctor John Pemberton and established in the year 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia, Unites States of America. It all started as a small brand whereby the creator John Pemberton could only manage to make a sale of nine portions each day. The company grew as the brands increased to where it is now re-known as the world most extensive and valuable beverage company.

Coca-Cola in the recent analysis has been established to have more than 3000 beverage products in total. Carbonate drinks have been found to make the highest sales in the company.

Coca-Cola has different brands, which include; the Coca-Cola enterprise and a large number of carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks include; Sprite, Fanta, Power Ade, Schweppes products, among others.

Market Analysis

This is what the company uses to monitor its environment. The company uses SWOT analysis to monitor and sustain the niche in the market. This is getting the company to look through the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats faced by the company. The company has to establish that both internal and external business factors of the company are in good shape for the company to remain a global production company. It is also worth knowing that these factors influence the growth of the company.

Internal business- This is the environmental factors contained in the management team of the company. They are crucial factors so to say because they control decisions made in the company and they influence the whole working pattern of the company. The management team is always involved in the production of the beverages of the company, and also they ensure that the company runs effectively. Organization skills and effective communication are the essential functions that need to be coordinated globally to ensure that all the franchise established in different countries run smoothly and accrue profits.

Assessments of the operations have to be conducted by the management team as a monitoring tool to effectively manage the company.

External business- this is influenced from the outside, so to say. These environmental factors control the whole company setting because any significant alterations that occur in this environment affect the entire company in a big way. External factors of this company include a country's economy, competition from other beverage companies, the policies of a government, and also customers.

This is always beyond the control of the company as it all depends on the country where the franchise has been set up.

Looking through the market of the company, first, it is safe to say that Coca-Cola Beverage Company has been set up globally in different countries. The company adopted the global marketing strategy whereby in every state that they have set up a franchise, they tend to adapt to the country's marketing strategy. Therefore, every country that has a Coca-Cola company set up will make business decisions based on the country's laws and regulations on manufacturing, production, and distribution. The company tends to adapt to the culture that fits in the community of the country they set up a franchise. Over the years, Coca-Cola adopted this strategy that has led to a rise in the Company's management and profits accrued.

Marketing Strategy

Coca-Cola Company is known to have the right marketing strategy that has built the brand and enabled them to attain worldwide recognition. Their marketing strategy is based on the 4P'S: place, promotion, price, and product.

The growth of a company is essential. As a company, to grow, the management has to look through and understand how things are running in the company at that time and come up with target marketing strategy that will bring forth growth. This is the strategy that the Coca-Cola Company has used over the years.

Coca-Cola has achieved its strategy through proper planning that has helped them achieved goals set within a stipulated time frame. They also utilize their resources to ensure that they do not go beyond the monies allocated to plan and ensure there is growth in the company. This has helped them manage the competition.

They have been known to have a complete and diverse marketing strategy. Coca-Cola has the following marketing strategies:

  • Pricing strategy
  • The Coca-Cola bottle and logo
  • Being a sponsor brand
  • Advertisement.

The company's excellent marketing strategy has helped the company gain global recognition and become one of the most reputable companies in the world

Positioning and Pricing Strategy

Positioning is a concept in marketing that can be used by a company in outlining strategies to be used to market concepts of their product and use to various customers.

Coca-Cola is known to have a good marketing team globally that has helped in positing and marketing their goods. They have managed to stand a high chance in this because of their strategies and how they have built their brand over the years. The reason behind their growing success in this venture is because they have made an active market that is in the mind of their consumers.

Coca-Cola has been keen mainly on the following factors: they have taken interested measures to deal with the strengths and weaknesses of their products, they have given good value to their products, and they have taken time to look at their competitors' products and known how to keep their brand a success despite having competitors who also sell beverages.

Coca-Cola has also been keen to look at their target strategies. They always have a belief in ensuring that they produce products in each country are designed to fit the demographic consumer. This has assured that the company delivers more value to the consumer who has helped them keep their customers and also establishes a strong position that that of their competitors.

In pricing, Coca-Cola does not have specific pricing for all their products in all regions. They always have a pricing strategy of looking through global operations whereby they employ a pricing strategy team in each area that surveys through the demand, distribution, and supply as well as the profits before they can come up with the price list of their beverages in a region.

Moreover, Coca-Cola also looks at its competitors' presence and market strategy through a team that they employ to look through the pricing tactic. The only reason as to why Coca-Cola pricing tactic has worked for them in most of their regions is because of the competitive strategy that has enabled them to become efficient in marketing, distribution and also their promotional levels that have stemmed from their market leadership.

Promotion and Distribution

Promotion and distribution target the consumers in every region and the information provided to them about the products to be consumed herein.

Coca-Cola has one good strategy in this one, which is good advertising. The company is known to invest heavily in advertisement and marketing strategy. They have done these through different media platforms, digital marketing, and also outdoor marketing strategies, among others. They always consider what advertisement works best for each region based on their culture before they can venture on specifics advertisement mediums for a part. However, they also ensure that their global market has a central theme that can relate to each specific regions' topic.

Customer services, promotions on their brands, and getting feedback after the sale has also worked great for the company. Coca-Cola has also involved the communities in different regions, supported public shows and rallies, among other advertising strategies.

Coca-Cola ensures that their advertisement strategies attract consumers leading to high distribution in different regions.


Coca-Cola Company is known to be the number one non-alcoholic beverage company globally. Their reputation is growing yearly because of their strategies.

However, in the future, the Company needs to venture into new opportunities and ideas that will enable them to grow more and be productive. The company can consider expanding the market by production of more beverages that are non-carbonated, doing a re-structure in their business model and also having consistency in their outcome results.

The biggest challenge facing the company is dealing with global competitors who are on the rise daily and are also producing beverage products for consumption. The company can work with their Human Resource team to ensure that their competitive practices outdo the practices of their global competitors. They should also support their employees through motivation. The company can issue a pleasant working environment for its employees to ensure that they work to produce excellent quality goods to the consumers. This will enable the company to maintain its unique brand and still be the number 1 non-alcoholic beverage brand in the world.


In conclusion, the Coca-Cola Company has maintained an excellent reputation over the years. They have attracted consumers through their energetic and positive reputation. This perception has added more value to the company. The company has, in return, retaining loyal customers who are the consumers to their products.

Their marketing strategy has enabled them to sustain good profits and growth. This has helped the company attain high pricing-earnings, excellent market value, and low costs of their capital.


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