Essay Example on Christian Educators: Quality Learning Arrangements & Technology Advances

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The research paper investigates the standing of quality learning arrangements and the effects of technological advances in enhancing Christian students' education on truthfulness and a person's integrity. Lois E. Lebar (1978) mentions that "Christian educators require a renewed sense of hope" in the world today parents need of Christian learning is at a point whereby there is reassurance which places the essence of training on values among the learners (Wright, 2015). The article will debate on the correct definition of Christian integrity learning, offer philosophies about incorporating Christian integrity and provide instances of technological advancements that aid in the activity (Wright, 2015). The paper will also illustrate how items like computers, software, and parental controls help in this education.

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Defining Integrity Christian Education

Integrity, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is a staunch subscription to beliefs, values, and morality. The biblical definition of integrity, in the Old Testament, the Hebrew word translated "integrity" is defined as the condition of being without blemish, completeness, perfection, sincerity, soundness, uprightness, wholeness (Kurian & Lamport, 2015). According to the New Testament, integrity is defined as honesty and adherence to a pattern of good works where Jesus an excellent example of a person of integrity.

In the book, "Bringing a New Era in Integrity Education, Damon" (2002) says, "there are two themes needed in integrity education today. The first is a consensus church around the is facing a critical that essential ethical values must be handed along to the young, needing leaders and disciple educators at all levels bear a serious responsibility to transmit these core standards to their students (Wright, 2015). The following theme that emerges from this volume is a shared determination to remove the sterile old oppositions that have paralyzed even some of the best efforts in this field over the past decade."(p.11) Damon's view is a summary of the definition of all those involved in integrity education. The goal of integrity education is teaching our children in our school morals and values (Wright, 2015). "Ebsco" thesaurus defines morals as principles and standards which determine the extent to which human action or conduct is right or wrong. It is the job of Christian teachers to make sure that our kids made equipped with a basis of morals and values, so they have something to hold on to when they leave the classroom (Bourne et al., 2017).Without Christian education in schools and the church, students may not inherently know what is right and evil and how to coexist in society lawfully. Specific rules guide integrity education (Kurian & Lamport, 2015). Lists of changed items include teaching the learners precisely on integrity, and defining integrity as what is done and not what is said or believed. A. Functional integrity needs qualities such as honesty, good morals, and upright behaviors; it involves holding moral principles, even when it is costly or risky. B. Define ethics and morals - Morals guidelines that inform the decisions made by a person basing them on what is evil and what is correct. Ethics are the guidelines of the appropriate mannerism. The world has taken the worst behavior of others as a standard but not Christianity. Christian's education chooses to be more appropriate than that.

C. What matters is honesty, truthfulness, and rightness, where one can make a distinction.D. The pay for ethical integrity is making a person better, resulting in a better world. Guidelines that are similar and straightforward need to be instilled in students so that the learning in schools through Christian education is more natural.

Teaching ApproachesEvery instructor develops their means of following the guidelines and to include integrity education in their classrooms. In the ancient days, people used approaches such as memorizing to commit to memory, enumerate slogans, pledges, oaths, and many more. They did this in such ways as the "Children's Morality Code," that contained "ten laws of right living": good health, self-control, sportsmanship, kindness, duty, reliance, truth, reliability, teamwork, excellent craftsmanship (Bourne et al., 2017). Together with pledges and oaths, they gave reasonable values that are passed to kids. ( Milson, 2000) God is looking for teachers who are not afraid to teach and teach the accurate true and teach days more advanced or with the time's methods are being taught. One way used is the "survivor" approach.

The approach displays the teamwork and group work and technique of teaching; it makes each student watch out for one another. Sarah Schmidt (1978) expounds on "a tribe," an approach that is not used in learning institutions that aid in delivering integrity education. The groups in the classes facilitated watchfulness among smaller groups to ensure their safety (Bourne et al., 2017). The system includes dividing the classroom into smaller groups that have a role in watching each member. The students in the group account acquire skills of watchfulness and assisting each other. The approach is working in Canadian schools to teach and help children to curb fighting and harassment (Bourne et al., 2017).

Another approach taken in schools was that "it takes a village" method. Followers of this approach believe that the whole community needs to be involved in teaching integrity to kids. Cletus R. Bulach (2002) surveyed schools in Georgia participating teachers, parents, and students. He wants to see how they think integrity education should be involved in the school's effect on everyday behavior. After completing the survey, Bulach came to the deduction that the Georgia community did, which concluded that everyone needs to be involved in setting an example of integrity education in and out of the classroom to accurately send out the right ideas to the children of the community (Bourne et al., 2017). To completely incorporate integrity learning in the classroom, teachers are also using lesson plans that include integrity education in the entire lesson used in the school. In these lessons, everything taught at the school in the way or another displays the message of good strong morals and values for the students to use in and out of the classroom (Bourne et al., 2017).

Technology and Integrity Education Technology today has a considerable influence on teaching integrity education in and out of the classroom. Students today have unlimited access to the world of the internet. When needed to ask a question on the internet or fact in Google this quicker than going to the Library, but is it correct. Television and movies, the media in general, also send all kinds of messages to today's youth (Bourne et al., 2017). The media and the information in send out can have both positive and negative influences. All this access is helpful when a paper needs to be research or learning about integrity education on web sites, as I have done in this paper, but the access available is not always right, and that is how individual technology come into integrity education. One-way technology is helping instruction learning the computer software made specifically to "babysit" children while they play online.

The software enables parents to have parental controls put on the computer so that their children cannot obtain material from specific sites enter chat rooms or receive instant messages from unknown or incorrect when a system is a control system for all of the users (Kurian & Lamport, 2015). When joining many internet sites, you need a McFee - virus protection offered the option of different screen names, and each name has preferences. If you have virus protection and the adolescent to have their screen name, and limited access to the internet is possible. The person goes into the screen names preferences and blocks everyone can receive instant messages from, email from, and which sites they are and are not allowed to visit (Kurian & Lamport, 2015). Therefore parents can control internet use among their children. This same type of program is available for television. If a person subscribes to cable and uses a digital or black box are given instructions to a code that makes it possible for parents to block channels on the television so that unsuitable shows and movies that send the wrong message are not available to their children. The American Broadcasting Company discusses another form of technology being used to monitor children's television use, which is the V-Chip, an in-built device in the new technology of televisions (Kurian & Lamport, 2015). It allows the parents an ability to choose and block content that is not necessary for their children. The V-Chip can read the television contents electronically hence allowing the control for programs (

Devices like these enable the parents to filter what the children can access or read from the televisions. Therefore, they can encourage integrity education by sending out the right messages. These tools are used in the classroom as well; they reinforce the work teachers are already doing to promote integrity education (Kurian & Lamport, 2015). It makes it possible for teachers to let kids explore the internet and gain all they can from it without worrying about the wrong messages they may be receiving.

The existence of child education commences when the parents mold and instill in them good morals until when they are grownups. The primary education of children was informal even though history has it that distinct approaches have changed (Kurian & Lamport, 2015). There have also been transformations in educational philosophies with diverse approaches grasping the function of teaching the new generations, hence, providing goals to be reached during the teaching.

The phrase "philosophy of Christian education" has massive information to be deduced. Philosophy is a Greek word meaning love of wisdom. Thus, philosophical studies involve a critical study of the basic principles and concepts of a particular branch of knowledge. The students' intellectual capacity must be embraced for quality education (Otto & Harrington, 2016). It has a variety of dimensions, such as spiritual, social, physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing. When Jesus was growing, he grew in size, mentally, and received the favor of God and human beings; this evidences the dimensions of child development (Luke 2:52). The overall aim of education is to instill knowledge and skill among children in all the dimensions mentioned earlier.

Philosophy of education is distinct from the worldly teachings due to the application of biblical views. It is this biblical worldview that sets apart Christian education from the public schools in our culture because we address the spiritual dimension of children that the secular humanistic education denies. The first scripture that comes to mind Christian education is the Hebrew Shema and its challenge to families. "These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on the children". The children should know them when seated at home, walking, or when lying down. Script symbolically on paper and stick them on their foreheads. Bind them too on the doorposts of the houses as well as the gates.' (Deuteronomy 6:6-9). Religious teaching is not only about formal education in institutions. Christian instructors must partners with the mothers and fathers to assist in shaping their children. The following of children in the right direction is the driving force of the teachers, making them give their lives in teaching Christianity.

There are various major factors considered when it comes to educating children (Otto, &am...

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