Essay Example on China's College Entrance Exam: Merits & Reforms

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Date:  2023-03-02

Chinese education is considered to be the most extensive system globally. China uses the College Entrance Exam system, which is used as a significant determining factor for joining higher education in China. Besides, the exams are used in acquiring and promotions for government jobs (Zhang 4). The system has been questioned regarding its merit, with some proponents of reforms arguing that it is biased. However, others have argued that the system is sound as it is and should not be changed to maintain the status quo. Some of the advantages of the system that such people have attributed their arguments include the notion of meritocracy, study habits, and the emphasis of math and science. Despite the positive impacts that have been suggested, the education system should be reformed to improve the overall quality of life.

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The college entrance exam education system in China is biased and requires significant transformations, as a single exam can determine the fate of a person. It should be noted that the education system makes students work very hard, implying that it helps the work ethic of students. However, many of these do not care genuinely about learning, but rather on the grade that determines the college of admission and, hence, the destiny of the student. In 2017, over 9.4 million students in China sat for their exams (Pinghui). However, only about 3.7 million of the candidates were expected to enroll in the colleges eventually. This means that a large number of students do not finally join the colleges. Besides, cheating is a significant problem that should be dealt with. In this regard, changing the system will facilitate the incorporation of more details like mental health, thereby making it more comprehensive and useful.

The education system in China has some advantages that have been argued to make it a success, thereby declining the need for reform. Proponents of this system have argued that problems associated with the system are minor compared to the advantages. For example, any changes that can be proposed to the education system means that a lot of finances will be utilized that can be used in facilitating improvements in other areas (Zhang 56). Therefore, the discussion in class pointed out that the college entrance exam system has managed to improve the inspiration of students, with good performing students being an inspiration to other students. This helps to bring out the best of these students and develop the brain for the right opportunity. However, it should also be noted that the coaching institutions have changed education into a business. Increasing the burden kills the essence of learning, thereby demonstrating that it should be changed.


In conclusion, the college entrance exam system in China has numerous disadvantages that should be changed to develop a more effective method. The system is increasing the burden to students, who are already preoccupied, thereby leading to different types of psychological problems. In this regard, I believe that the group discussion regarding the issues associated with the system necessitates a change. The high expectations in the school create stress among the students that have increased the cases of anxiety, depression, and even cases of suicide. Therefore, changing the system will not only improve the system to make it more effective but also reduce the problems associated with the current system. In this regard, the group offered stronger debates and propositions than the comments from the class that the current system needs to be changed.

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