Develop Your Leadership Skills Review

Paper Type:  Book review
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Date:  2022-03-29

In this chapter 4, the author is trying to demonstrate the type of philosophy that different leaders possess. He indicates that, in as much as there are different types of philosophy in leadership, what is essential is personal philosophy since it determines how other people who the leaders administer respond to their duties which in the long run make someone an effective leader (Northouse, 2014). In addition to this, the author is trying to instill the importance of personal philosophy since it is the core of leadership. It is not an option anymore in today globe as many leaders aim to take this direction for them to be inspirational.

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This leadership philosophy can be applied by today's leaders especially in work environments that have a lot of workers and environments that entail working under high pressure. It will act as a great relief to leaders who pose personal philosophy since workers will be empowered and enable the leader to operate from a position of full strength no matter the population he or she is in charge of (Northouse, 2014). In today's work environment, the practice of setting personal philosophy has assisted the top official in being competent in their work.

Chapter 5 is further concerned on how leaders view the motivation of their employees and their attitude towards work. He believed that once a manager understood these two critical issues, then he will no doubt become an effective manager. Moreover, he demonstrated different leadership styles including authoritarian which is not quite friendly, democratic leadership style and laissez-faire leadership. Many organizations in today's globe always apply democratic leadership style since it is welcomed by workers and the management because it enhances excellent communication between the workers and the management towards achieving organizational goals.

In another chapter 6, the author is creating awareness that the activity that one does in life does no matter, but what matters is the skill that will make us victorious in the end. He further says that successful leaders of time have only been defined by the skills they possess. Leadership skill should be applied and demonstrated by today's leaders because the business world of today is no longer predictable (Adair, 2013). Leaders need to think beyond the horizon to help their organizations to forge ahead.

There exist different types, and categories of leadership skill and leaders should develop those skills that they do not poses and are integral in managing of the employees in the organization. For instance, a leader may have an interpersonal skill and lack administrative skill which of no doubt is critical in every organization; he must develop an administrative skill that he is missing (Adair, 2013). Managerial skill can be applied when managing of workers in a busy organizational environment, in managing of resources and showing competence in ones work. On the other hand, interpersonal skill is applicable when there exists a close contact between the leader and the workers where they can socialize out work-related issues.

It does no matter the type of leadership style a leader applies to his subjects, but what is important is the degree of characterization of one's leadership toward the workers, and for sure he will be an effective leader. Application of personal philosophy and flexible leadership style, especially in busy work environments, will be integral to a leader's success. Leadership skill is vital for every leader of today since it will make the organization to continue in existence for the foreseeable future and to create an enabling environment in the organization.

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