Transformational Leadership Paper Example

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Date:  2022-07-20

How is this example of transformational leadership?

This is an example of transformational leadership because transformational leadership is hinged on five main transformational leadership behavior which includes idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration. These elements differentiate transformational leaders from a transactional leader. In this case study, the author states that the leader always ensured that he worked with the followers and subordinates to determine the needed changes and created a vision that would guide the followers to execute the changes (Balwant, 2016).

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The transformational leader develops committed followers instead of using the carrot and stick method to motivate he followers. The followers find solace in the leader with whom they can share their problems under the individualized consideration. Dr. Cook also demonstrated that he is a transformational leader because he used his innate emotional intelligence to inspire and motivate his followers to be invasive and creative in finding a lasting solution to problems (Hamad, 2015). Dr. Cook could only achieve such visible and actionable changes with the followers that are not merely motivated by financial incentives but the leader whose cores resonate with their personal desires. Dr. Cook always challenged the followers to seek higher ideals and achieve a higher level of performance and through his charisma; he stirred positive emotion within the followers (Bass, & Avolio, 1994). Dr. Cook also used idealized influenced the followers to achieve the goals and vision he had for the archeological sector. For example, he was always at the forefront in any projects and he clearly reiterated that he was is the kind of oleander that walks to talk and not just push people are lead from behind. His influence and charisma made the followers consider him as a role model.

Where is Dr' cook's strengths on the full range of leadership model

Dr. Cook's core strength on the full range of leadership model includes intellectual stimulation because he has changed the older ways of doing things and created a new culture. Dr. Cook has changed the habits in the archeological research sectors and has successfully created a readiness in the people (Bass, & Avolio, 1994). Being an action-oriented leader, he took the first bold step in changing how the government, the society as well as the researchers viewed Archeological research (Anderson, 2008). Dr. Cook has successfully displayed his willingness to rethink and develop new perspectives. His leadership style helped in motivating the people, improved employee commitment, and improved job satisfaction. It is also clear that the followers change in attitude can be attributed to his charisma and intellectually stimulating. His idealized influences were also important in the change of attitude because it leads to a significant reduction in the number of sick off cases as well as lateness. The students mutually supported each other leading to prompt completion of assignments without much prodding.

What is the vision Dr. Cook has for the archeology excavations?

Dr. Cook's vision for the archeology excavation is that one time everyone would be responsible as an independent authority in charge of designing, scheduling, and carrying out the details of their respective assignments. Everyone also had a shared responsibility for the successful outcomes of the venture.


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