Essay Example on Academic Standards: Aligning Expectations for Student Success

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Date:  2023-08-31


The academic standard means the students achievements which can either be the standard achieved by learner or standard set to be achieved. The objective of learning is to get skills in studying the informational text. The learners will apply examples and information from A Medieval Feast written by Akiki as the studying guide.

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The objectives and standard of this lecture plan are aligned well. As per Georgia's excellent standards, there are understandable expectations for student work, instructions, and assessments (Georgia 50). The teacher can evaluate the best depending on the specific child's abilities. The abilities include reasoning, communicating, making connections, and problem-solving. An assessment in the lecture plan example discloses the exact features of the Georgia Standard of excellent. Individually, the teacher has considered all the learners' abilities, which will be required in learning.

What is the class about? What does it cover?

The class is about literature dealing with reading skills. Accurately, the study is titled "reading informational text." The class covers learning illustrations as well as Medieval Feast by Akiki examples. After finalizing the lesson, the learners should be able to make sense of the content and give its meaning. The significance of this class is for the learner to study or derive comprehending from studying the text.

Do the assessments effectively measure the academic standard and learning objective? Give a rationale

Yes. The assessment helpfully measures learning objective and academic standards. The instructor uses understandable formats for each learner to relate with, like the Venn diagram for institution characters to transfer skills to learners. By enhancing interaction with academic language and content, the instructor includes marching activities to help children relate to significant aspects in the text hence increasing understanding. The assessment appraises various students' abilities and uses helpful techniques of learning to ensure learning needs are all catered for.

Part 2: Revealing the Standards

The grade level analyzed is the first Grade. Know objective is what learners are supposed to know. The standard requires learners to understand how to create mathematical arguments using symbolic or pictorial referents (Biggs 15). Children are supposed to know how to work symbols and deal with all numerical figures. It is necessary to get the meaning of units represented by logos.

Understand the objective is what students should understand. Children should understand the necessary process of subtraction and addition. Learners need to comprehend all measurement processes. By comparing different solution strategies, students need to embrace the relationship between subtraction and addition.

Do objective is what learners should be able to do (FitzPatrick 79). Learners are supposed to be ready to tackle addition and subtraction problems, apply operation properties, and the relation between subtraction and subtraction.

Lesson Summary

The foundation of mathematical concepts is subtraction and addition. The lesson has involved a critical step for students. Subtraction and addition skills are necessary for both real lives and in the classroom. However, the class will aid the student in comprehending mathematical problems and daily practical circumstances.

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