Family Life Education (FLE) Essay Example

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Date:  2022-09-26

FLE is concerned primarily with the heathy functioning of a family. The primary objective of FLE is to foster all the necessary skills and knowledge required in ensuring the optimal functioning of families. It offers a preventive approach towards numerous health issues that may interfere with the proper functioning of the family, and it focuses on a background of family systems. Family life professionals provide information to families through different means. The aim of this paper is to examine the different methods that information can be delivered to a family.

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Family life education practitioners need to use effective communication skills to deliver family life content to individuals who are the primary basic care givers in a family system. The ordinary means of delivering such information is through print materials, face-to-face seminars, through web technology among other means. Each of the aforementioned information delivery methods has their pros and cons and their relevance appropriateness. The delivery method settled upon by the family life educators should be the one that achieves the optimal function of enriching and improving the quality of family life.

The delivery method used should ensure that the facts are delivered appropriately and that there is a meaningful interaction between the family care educator and the affected family members. The use of print materials as a delivery method has its pros and cons. Print materials can be produced in bulk meaning that the reach is unlimited geographically. The print material can offer information at a greater depth. The message can be reinforced using different styles and high-quality graphics and thus make it enticing for the intended recipient to read. The main drawback of using print materials is they have an updating disadvantage in that it can take a while to include new information on emerging family issues (Penn, 2017).

The use of technology media has an advantage of immediacy, and thus any new content can be uploaded with ease. A web publishing technology is essential as it enables users to receive any further digital information from the provider immediately. Web content can be accessed without any geographical restrictions. Its main drawback is the requirement of internet availability to obtain it.

The use of face-to-face workshops is a popular delivery method even in the digital era. Human beings crave for interpersonal interaction, and this can only be achieved using the face-to-face method. The family life educator creates a relationship through personal interaction with individuals. This boost the learning abilities, enhance communication and enables the attainment of memories. A face-to-face training session allows responses to be exchanged, and reactions can also be expressed. The main disadvantage of this delivery method is that its reach is limited. It can be time-consuming, and thus it lacks an immediacy advantage (Banna, 2014).


Using the case of Maria and Rodney, a family life educator can choose to use a delivery method that is appropriate for both of them, despite them having different diagnoses. The most appropriate delivery method would be the use of web technology. The educator can transmit useful content about diabetes and mental illness simultaneously and thus save on time. Virtual education is flexible and convenient, and therefore the educator can attend to both of them even when on a tight schedule. The advantage of immediacy implies that professional health care providers can issue new treatment directions with ease.


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