Essay Sample on Two Heads: Improving Online Grant Portal for Equity

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Date:  2023-05-02


"Two heads are better than one" is an adage which means that when more than one mind is used during decision making, the outcome is better. In this document we are requesting a change that will help improve in the making of the online grant portal. The customer requested that we should come up with a mechanism that helps us avoid giving grants to the same people every time so that there is equity in the issuance of the grants.

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During the development of the system, the web developer noticed that under the current considerations, grants would be awarded to the same people. This is a potential political problem because people would protest against the eGrants and want to go back to the manual and former paper application because there would be no room for new applicants. After all, once an applicant has qualified then that implied that they would have qualified for the rest of their lives which in turn made them able to have an upper hand in all grants that are to be awarded. Therefore, after some time with the same trend, the number of qualified applicants will be full denying new applicants the chance to receive grants.

Description of the Change

The change implied that we create a website where all users create profiles for their accounts. Each account should have a description of the user so that we can be able to know about them and further elaboration of whether they are visually impaired or not. The users should be categorized according to the type of grant they want and the level of funding they can handle. Each time grant applications are out the users will be notified according to the category that applicants who can handle huge finances are notified when grants of their level are up for grabs while those who can handle fewer finances are notified when their type of grants is out.

Reason for the Change

The change ensures that each user or applicant has to create an account to receive notifications. This will enable the system to group the users according to levels and to ensure that the right group is notified when the right grant for their level is to be applied. Every user has to log into the portal to apply for the grants under the first come first serve mechanism. This will make it fair for all users because having the same description, only a mechanism like this will help rule out who are to be gifted the grants( Michels.C, 2018). Having to apply each time a grant is out for application also enables the user to understand the terms and conditions that come with the grant because terms and conditions vary according to the type of grant.

Impact of the Change

This change will make all applicants responsible for how they conduct themselves and their relationship with the portal. To qualify for grants, users will have to frequent the portal to see notifications and be updated since grants are gifted on the first come first serve sequence. Due to users frequenting the portal, this will make it even easier for developers to implement change because it will get faster approval by the users. This will make it possible for everyone to be gifted the grants. Those gifted the grants will vary from time to time preventing the occurrence of monopoly (Chuluunbayar, D. 2019).

Proposed Action to Be Taken

The developers are to use the above information in forming a better system where the users will have to fully create a profile so that we can be able to group them. Users with a fewer number of gifted grants will be given high priority to ensure that not the same people benefit every time.

The Business Priority of the Change

The change is of high priority because failure to which, this will be used as a tool to politically bring the current government from power because it will be a tool that doesn't promote equity and will paint his picture as a biased leader who doesn't value the peace brought with equity.

The change is currently in progress and we hope that it brings with it positive change to the new system and ensure that nothing is left out since all factors will be put into consideration and ensure the good name of the governor is praised all over and that this can be used as one of the economic accomplishments that can be used as a winning tool that can help him get re-elected.


The stated change makes it possible for both the applicants and sponsors to have a transparent and fair entry-level. No one will be preferred over others and this will help in the maintenance of peace across the nation and make the citizens have confidence in the current government. SME's amongst other businesses will have a faster growth rate which will in turn help grow the economy of the country which will create better living standards.


Chuluunbayar, D. (2019). The US Fiscal Consolidation, its impact and policy implications.

Michels, C. (2018). Technical Communication's Importance to Change.

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