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The Ascope Shipping Company is one of the leading companies in the UK specializing in container and vehicle shipping services. The company has specialized and experienced workers. They are well trained on the proceedings of the international shipping from the UK. The company has a reputable record as a successful freight forwarder. It represents all the shipping operators in the United Kingdom. The firm offers shipping services at a lower price. It creates a healthy relationship with their clients to establish trust between them. The vehicles and cargo shipped through this company get to their destination safely and on time (Harden et al., 2020). The satisfaction of the customers is what gives them a reputable record. The industry has connections with major ports in the United Kingdom. It makes the shipping process efficient from the UK. The firm tries to make the process easier since sometimes relocation of items can be a complicated experience. The Ascope Company offers sublime services to the clients in the export and shipping agents.

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Micro Environmental Factors

Several micro factors might impact the firm in the next 12 months. Firstly, the ability of the company to retain customers. The Ascope Shipping Company should ensure that they keep their customers to avoid losing them to their competitors. Customers will assist them in maintaining a stable demand for their services. Once the demand is high, the profits will increase rapidly. At the moment, they have reliable customers across the world. Secondly, suppliers of the shipping company's tools will have a more significant impact on the company's success. Ascope shipping company needs reliable suppliers of the shipping equipment (Haghani & Sarvi, 2019). It will help them ensure that the business has resources that deliver the cargo safely. The company has connections with other ports for supplies. Thirdly, the distributers have a significant impact on retaining the reputation of Ascope shipping company. Ascope shipping company has links with different ports to ensure an efficient shipping process. The success of the business depends on the services offered by these distributors. If the port they are connected with has a strong reputation, it will pass it on to the company. Distributors are essential for marketing, distribution, promotions, and financial mediation with the clients.

Fourthly, competitors have a significant influence on the success of the business. There are other shipping companies in the UK, and this makes the competition in the market stiff. The Ascope has to overlook the marketing tactics of other companies. It will help the company understand how the other company offers services and at what prices. The information will help the company regulate their marketing strategies and costs to ensure that they gain an edge. They can reduce the shipping prices and ensure that they deliver the cargo and vehicles on time (Zahra, Neubaum & Hayton, 2020). It will earn them some additional advantage over other shipping companies. Lastly, general public opinion is essential in a business. The Ascope shipping company should ensure that they appease the general public. It will be in their best interest if the population recognizes its credible performance. Public opinion on the company's brand is vital for the success of the same company. The Ascope Shipping Company should ensure that they avoid environmental pollution. It will help the company create a healthy relationship with people. Media can influence the success of a business. They can decide to taint a company either positively and negatively, depending on its legal activities and the services they offer. At the moment, the company has a reputable name among the general population.

Macro Environmental Factors

Macro factors have a significant impact on the Ascope Shipping Company. Several macro factors impact the organization differently. Firstly, economic factors might influence the shipping processes in the next 12 months. Economic factors have an impact on the decision making and levels of production of a company. Lately, the economy of most countries is affected by the pandemic. Coronavirus has reduced the economic interest rates across the world. Many businesses scrambled due to the pandemic, and fewer people are shipping cargo. Also, increased taxes discourage shippers from shipping goods. Exchange rates that hikes and drops might affect the decision the company makes. The company is at a loss since the pandemic has reduced the shipping rates. Secondly, demographic forces have an impact on the shipping business (Haghani & Sarvi, 2019). For instance, the income of the shippers determines whether they will buy goods from the UK. When they earn more money, there is a higher chance that they will ship more goods. The education level of the people determines how well they understand the terms and conditions of the business. People need to understand Ascope company's terms and conditions. Fortunately, many people nowadays are educated.

Thirdly, there are technical factors that will have an impact on the Ascope shipping business. The ability of the shipping company to improve on their skills and abilities is essential. Technology has improved over the years, and it's to the company's interest that they flow with the changes. Also, the equipment used for shipping should be of a high standard to ensure that they efficiently deliver the items. The items shipped nowadays are of a high standard, and they should be shipped with equipment that fits the same standard. The bookings should be made online to ensure that they meet every customer's requirement. The company's marketing strategy should be by new technology (Harden et al., 2020). The firm has tried to move with the changes. Fourthly, natural and physical forces from the environment. Ascope Company should consider the resources on the planet. For instance, pollution should be a significant issue to consider. The shipping company should ensure that the equipment they use in shipping doesn't pollute the environment. Pollution is against the laws that regulate the environment. To have a better reputation, they have to keep the surrounding safe for animals and humans. Climate change is another natural force to consider. The company should not endanger its workers and the client's good by shipping goods when the weather is not favorable. The management should understand the climate changes of the seas.

Additionally, political and legal forces might impact the shipping processes in the coming days. The political and legal environment influences the market in every country. This shipping company needs to be updated on these forces to enable them to make the right decisions. The Ascope shipping company always get updates of the import/ export laws to ensure that its proceedings are according to these laws. Employment laws should be well understood by every company. The shipping company has tried to work along with the regulations to maintain its able workers and have a better reputation. Lastly, social and cultural forces may have an impact on the company. The services and products by the shipping company have a substantial effect on society. Society judges the benefits and development in the market, depending on how well they relate to their needs. The Ascope Shipping Company might need to eliminate every activity that is hazardous to society.

Target Audiences

The Ascope Shipping Company has three primary target audiences for their brand. Firstly, they have shipping customers who have contributed much to its success. There are shipping customers who already present their products already packaged for shipment. On the other hand, some require packaging services from the Company. Some clients need an expert to package their products, especially when the products are fragile. Secondly, Mail Box audiences who require discrete services (Brownrigg, 2001). They need a private Mail Box that is convenient for them. The convenience depends on the location of the customer and the cost of shipment. Also, operating hours and legal issues can be a reason for a customer to demand a private Mail Box. Thirdly, Fax customers who require fax transmittal services. These are clients who need to send or receive a fax, but they have no access to the fax machine.

Strategic Positioning

The strategic positioning of the company is based on the decisions made by the management. The decisions made by the shipping company aims at improving the brand and services they offer. The primary concern of the company is creating a brand and providing services to become better than those of competitive companies. Any company needs to analyze what other industries offer better than them. The Ascope Shipping Company is not left behind as it tries to find crucial information about other shipping companies. By doing this, they have reduced their prices. Also, they have provided a more efficient pattern of shipping equipment safely to the client. They use segmentation to understand what ship is convenient to a client based on their location, terms, and shipment duration.

The shipping marketing environment changes all the time. These changes create new business opportunities and threats to the company. A marketing opportunity enables the business to grow. On the other hand, the environmental threat usually undermines the company's position in the market. If the shipping company does not take any marketing action, they will lose their reputation to their competitors. The shipping company experience threats caused by the IMO strict rules (Junior, Beresford & Pettit, 2003). These rules reduce the supply of seamen experts with an increase in wages. The whole shipping management of the Ascope is usually affected by these regulations. Opportunities in the shipping market occur due to the new technology and the development of trade across the world. The company should consider the macro and micro environmental factors while preparing a marketing plan. More knowledge of these factors will help the company review its marketing strategies to discover new opportunities. A good marketing plan will help them avoid the threats and ensure that they satisfy their clients.


The Ascope Shipping Company is affected by the threats in the marketing place. That's why it is essential they make several developments to ensure that they avoid these threats. Avoiding threats means that the company will have improved performance. Improving its performance ensures that the company maintains its reputation. Also, it will have an added advantage over its competitors. For instance, the company should improve on the shipping market's segmentation. Segmentation helps the firm to focus its energy on the opportunities. Segmentation of this shipping company is based on the behavior of the shippers. The segments in the market are based on the need for a customer to transport the cargo on the sea. The type of vessel to a particular location (Park, 2018). The segments also consider the terms of the shipment and the cost. Therefore, the shipping company should ensure that they provide an appropriate shipping route. The price of the shipment should be affordable to attract more customers. The company should ensure that the shipping market is based on ship and cargo to be shipped.

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