Essay Example - Invisible Allegiances: A Tale of Betrayal, Terrorism, and Revenge

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Date:  2024-01-29

Wells' book in 1897 provides a science fiction story with some horror. As the protagonist, Griffin invents the invisible serum he uses to hide from in public and commit several crimes such as burglary and murder. He, however, fails to work around his scientific invention to return from his invisibility. The resort was to coerce an agent, Thomas Marvel, to send him to his village where he was wanted by the authorities, to collect his notes that would help him with his research. Marvel recovers the messages; however escapes with them, forcing Griffin to seek refuge in a nearby shelter, which coincidentally belongs to Dr. Kemp, Griffin's professor in his former medical school. Griffin engages in different crime escapades in the city; however, Kemp sets him up for the authorities to capture him. Griffin dies from a mob action leaving Marvel with part of his notes on making the invisible serum. This paper provides a sequel to this book, focusing on betrayal, terrorism, and revenge themes among these three main characters.

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In the well-established Invisible Man Inn, Marvel develops a laboratory to run experiments from the little information he has about Griffin's invisible concept. Marvel's interest is to use the technology to support his hospitality business as a form of entertainment in the amusement parks that he intends to set up. In his attempts to decipher the mathematical symbols and the coded note, he signs in for Latin and Greek languages at West Sussex College. The processes of interpreting and understanding the invincibility serum intensified, forcing Marvel to learn optical science basics and seek professionals in the sector.

Marvel enrolls for physics and chemistry classes in the college Dr. Kemp is the department's chairman for physics. During the three-year course, Marvel suspends his interest in the invisible serum and focuses on his studies and local state politics. He manages to fit perfectly into college life while managing his hospitality business. His friends and acquaintances support him in the equality campaigns across the block, which makes him famous. Marvel takes this advantage to contest the mayor's seat in the elections; however, he fails. The winning party rigged the election following the support from top-most block politicians and cartels. Marvel and his supporters are filled with rage about the political system's infiltrations and a government run by macro power from the cartels.


Marvel's project is about the invisible gown in the final year of study that he had been silently working on as he studied. Filled with anger, he plans on revenging the government for the ill will in the state through terror attacks. Kemp familiarizes themself with Griffin's ideas in Marvel's proposal and develops an interest in helping him at a personal level to redevelop the invisible serum. Kemp approaches Marvel in the school during a practical class lesson and requests him to have a coffee cup later in the day. His angle is to establish why Griffin pursued the project and if he had any relationship with Griffin. They agreed to meet at Marvel's restaurant, which was some meters from the college.

"Hello, Marvel, thank you for accepting my invitation; you have a nice restaurant here, I will become your frequent customer," Kemp argues. "Thank you so much, Dr. Kemp, it's my... "Call me Kemp," he interrupts. Marvel continues, "… okay, Kemp, it's my pleasure meeting you, and welcome to my restaurant. I will organize a complimentary package for one month to welcome you to the restaurant." Kemp smiles as he sips his cup of coffee. He then goes ahead and explains to Marvel about his intentions.

"I am interested in your project; it is a unique concept that has fascinated me. This is the best project I have come across in the past five years." Kent said. Marvel nods as he gives it a second thought, thinking about why the professor is interested in the project. Kent mentions the phrase "Reign of Terror" during his proposal to assess if Marvel was familiar with the initial Griffin's plan. Marvel also understands the trouble he would get into if he succeeds in the technology since the authorities would associate him with Griffin. He therefore reserves and gives no disclosure of his previous associations with Griffin.

Realizing his persistence on the project scope and deliverables, Kemp changes the subject and asks Marvel about his political journey. He sympathizes with Marvel for losing the elections and asks what he thinks of the system. Marvel feels a sigh of relief from the topic changes that he opened up about his disappointments with the government and the influential cartels in high places. "What do you think is the right way to fix the system?" Kemp inquires. Marvel expresses that the system was rotten from the bottom to the top to the bottom; thus, fixing it requires personal interest and coercive approaches. This answer intrigues the professor, who also asks what Marvel has in mind.

"My team is dedicated to bringing change; however small it might be, as we target other neutral partisans who may want to fight for electoral justice in the system," Marvel responds. Kemp smiles and asks Marvel if these opinions result from him losing the mayor's seat. Marvel confirms the loss was prejudicing and unjust; however, he has no idea how to approach the issue without losing his political relevance or endangering his people from the wrath of the influential people in the government. Suggestively, Kemp mentions "the serum…!" Marvel, astonished by the suggestion, asks the professor to repeat his request to confirm he meant what he said.

"The power is in your hands, my son," Kemp said as he rubbed his forehead. Marvel is still in a dilemma about this suggestion. He boldly asks why the professor suggested making weapons from the serum, knowing it can cause mass destruction, yet his intentions were to use the invisible power for entertainment. Marvel excuses himself to grasp some fresh air by the restaurant's front balcony as he synthesizes what he hears from the professor. Kemp followed Marvel wrapped his right arm over Marvel's left shoulder and whispered, "I will give you time to think, but this is your opportunity to fix the system." Kemp leaves.

Betrayal and Revenge

Kemp establishes that Marvel is naïve in the political sphere, and he would be less suspicious of planning a terror attack in the state. He goes back to his laboratory at the college and checks the status of his experiments. Kemp realizes that Marvel tailed him all the way, and he had seen most of his bombs in the laboratory. Kent explains to Marvel how he lost his whole family when he served for the government as an informant. The professor worked closely with a drug cartel in the state that cooked crystalized meth, yet the government could not protect his family after losing his cover in the group. He lived with grief, hoping that he would find a partner with a purpose to get back to the government for the ill will.

Marvel feels sorry for the professor and offers his support to the invisible serum to terrorize the state. They develop several masks and attach a chipping technology that would allow them to direct the invisible masks to the required destinations. They create ten masks to help the duo plant the bombs in different locations in the state remotely. Marvel is in charge of ensuring that these bombs are well delivered and that their timers are on. Traveling to other places, he does not account for the last bomb and invisible mask since he loses touch with the professor.

Dr. Kemp has used the last mask to travel out of the country and seek residence further from the state. Marvel's return to the laboratory marks his end game. He is astonished to find the laboratory ablaze, and the firefighting team has recovered one body from the sight. The Port Burdock detectives arrest Marvel upon his appearance and later charge him with terrorism. Dr. Kemp had framed him for armory and terrorism from the two bombs that went off. The other bombs were fake and only helped Kemp access the whole invisible mask serum from Marvel. Marvel ends up in prison innocently, to serve a 20-year jail term.

Kemp reunites with Griffin, who did not die. The duo settles and revisits their terrorism plan, initially known as the Reign of Terror. Marvel's appeals fail since all the evidence from the laboratory points at his project. Griffin had stage-managed his death to offload the target burden on his back; however, he needed his notes from Marvel to continue with their terrorism plans.

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