Environmental Conservation: Personal Statement of Purpose

Date:  2021-03-31 20:06:02
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The magnitude for the passion I have in environmental conservation has always been a part of me since I was a little kid. There more the years have passed in my life; I have been very keen in observing how human being relationship with the environment has transformed rapidly. On a daily basis, the media has been on the front line in presenting the environmental challenges we are facing today from all corners of the world. Nothing scares me like having uncertainty in my future, and with all this information I have been accessing concerning the environment, have developed an interest in being a part that will restore the environment back to its normal status. The environment is a crucial element for the survival of all mankind, hence my passion for taking masters in environmental conservation.

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Undertaking a Bachelor of Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering in the Effat University was an appropriate choice for me. The course has given me an ability to apply the extensive and relevant knowledge I have gained to design components and systems which are aimed at providing solutions to the environmental constraints we are experiencing. Additionally, I am capable of conducting experiments as well as analyzing and interpreting data related to environmental parameters like water, air, and soil, and this has mounted up my thirst for supplementary studies in environmental conservation since I can learn as well as contribute tremendously in efforts put to conserve the environment. An enthralling demonstration of my interest in environmental conservation was the leadership experience I gained as a Logistic Manager at the Red Sea Channel where I was able to mingle wand brainstorm with fellow youth in an effort to provide answers to an array of questions which included ways in which we can conserve our threatened environment.

To keep up the momentum I had built up to ensure environmental conservation, I extended by school final year project in illuminating correction for retinal vessel extraction. Human beings are part and parcel of the environment, hence my project aimed at correcting the damages that environment has brought to people. During my project research, I discovered that most of the health implications that human beings face is as a result of environmental deterioration. Therefore, my research did not only increase my interest in environmental conservation but also made me discover that there is much I can help to rectify the negative implications of environmental damages as an Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate. In addition, I pursued extracurricular activities as a Quality and Development Director where I ensured that the products and services that were offered to the students Effat University were consistent with the external and internal requirements, and this includes compliance with environmental quality standards so as to reduce the impacts of effects to the environment as students as well.

Having been born, raised, and studied and lived most of my life in Saudi Arabia, I perfectly well understand the nature of the environment that we have in this country, and thus I feel it a burden to me to make the environment better than how it is today. A lot of technological and industrial development has been ongoing, and thus I plan to use the already acquired knowledge and the one I will acquire from your university to make the appropriate environmental changes. My hope is that my career in the environment conservation sector will find a firm foundation based on the further studies at your university. The further studies that I will obtain in this university will prove as an exceptional investment in my career in the future.

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