Employee Development and Motivation Essay

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Date:  2022-06-06


Human resource management is a very vital activity that determines the success of any organization or company. In this regard, most organizations have a department that deals specifically with human resources such as suppliers, customers, and employees. In particular, employee development, as well as motivation, increases productivity which in turn increases an organization's productivity (Cascio, 2018). This paper lists the most compelling topics, the importance of group participation, and approaches to gaining additional information about employee motivation and development.

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The Most Compelling Topics

Employee motivation and development is an essential part of human resource management that ensures productivity and profitability of organizations or firms. For this reason, the three most compelling topics that intrigue about this topic include training and organizations, learning theory, and employee development. The three topics enable an individual to have a proper insight into the process and the outcome of employee development and motivation.

How Discussion Participation Helped in Understanding the Subject Matter

Participation in discussions aroused my interests in conducting further research regarding employee motivation and development. In addition, it improved my critical and analytical skills related to the subject matter, thereby my knowledge of human resource management significantly improved (Cascio, 2018; Hendry, 2012). Moreover, through discussions, I have learned the need to leverage technology for employee training and development. I have also learned that various theories exist that explain how employees process, retain, and absorb learning that plays a pivotal role in their motivation and development. Therefore, it is discussion participation has clarified all the important topics of human resource management.

Approaches to Yield Additional Valuable Information

Even though participation in group discussions enhanced understanding regarding human resource management particularly employee development and motivation, other approaches can be used to add more insights regarding this subject matter. For instance, the self-evaluation, design thinking, and field study can be used to obtain additional valuable information about employee motivation and development (Lewis, 2015).


In every organization, employees are the key to its success. Organizational management should, therefore, invest in employee development, and motivation to achieve improved business profitability and efficiency. Organizations can achieve employee development by leveraging modern technology in conducting training. On the other hand, they can achieve motivation through both monetary and non-monetary methods such as promotions and seminars.


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