E-Commerce and How It Transforms the Logistics in Companies

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E-commerce is the sale and purchase of products through the internet. It began with the development of technology in the 1990s and continued to grow at a fast rate to date. This is due to the increasing use and access to electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and access to social media platforms (Awad, 12). E-commerce has developed in the modern world that is applied by almost every business. Many businesses have opted to combine E-commerce with other manual displays and marketing. However, some companies have opted to use only E-commerce. Both of which are still very successful especially in the development of social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. (Mennecke, & Strader, 56) It is no secret anymore that the use of E-Commerce has exploded in the United States. It has become its industry. From Medicare companies to fashion companies, to technology companies and even libraries. In fact, some of the companies that are ranked top in the industry have no physical outlets.

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One of the companies that use E-commerce extensively is Amazon with its official site as Amazon.com. This Company has broadly organized its display in the online media. It has an organized website from which one can browse through books and make orders. Just an example of the company, the site is held with books arranged with their prices and how to make requests. The company has therefore transformed the retail industry with its online platform. It deals with merchandise and products that are buys for resale. Additionally, it makes the production of electronic products for sale. (Awad, 15).

The E-commerce has been able to transform Amazon Company in many ways. To begin with, the customer can view the products and make orders without having to travel to Seattle to make purchases. This ensures that the company covers a broader area; the more prominent part of America. Additionally, the company can advertise its jobs in the online media platform reaching numerous people. (Solomon, Marshall, & Stuart, 24). This creates a pull of skills from which it chooses from. E-commerce has not just transformed Amazon, but through Amazon, the technology has changed the real estate market. Many investors are gaining exposure through the purchase of shares in the Amazon. Investing in such a well-managed company offers a way for returns to stream to the investors. Research shows that in the Amazon Company, the online sales has established over four hundred logistics facilities covering a vast area, an area that continues to grow weekly (Numberger, 102).

The company has therefore been able to grow to the world's largest internet company by the measure of revenue and capacity. It has over 541,000 employees currently with three segments of operation; international, North America and Web services. Web services offer the best marketing platform (Mennecke, & Strader, 56).

It is therefore clear that E-commerce is an essential feature in today business (Lee, 11). It has transformed the world of business in several ways making it grow to occupy broader areas. It is important to note that E-commerce does not only benefit the company but also in a significant way it benefits the buyer. It is thus vital in these ways;

Widening the market

To begin with, the online media has very many users worldwide. Almost everyone in the current world is vast with technology and can use the internet to search for products, information of leisure. In the end, most people can access the display of products. E-commerce thus offers a comprehensive market platform for the presentation of products. Additionally, E-commerce provides the best advertising platform. As the market widens with the E-commerce, so is the advertising platform. It is convenient, cheap and reaching a significant number of users (Solomon, Marshall, & Stuart, 96).

On the other hand, this broad market saves the buy time and cost to travel to the company's location to make orders for products. (Numberger, 27). This is because the online media offers a variety of options placed at the buyer's convenience. Displayed in a way that he can browse at his convenience and make orders. This convenience also eases price comparisons before placing orders. In some cases, companies have free delivery or at least delivery service to your doorstep.

Easing orders and deliveries

E-commerce dramatically eases sales and purchasing as one can create an organized website in which requests can be made, and payments also made online. After then, goods can be dispatched via delivery services offered by the company or by use of commercial delivery service companies. This works for the convenience of both the buyer and the seller. These orders are not just eased to the buyers. Companies can also make requests from other companies using the online media. For example purchase of raw materials can be done through e-commerce (Epstein, 25)

Eases tracking of goods

E-commerce can be designed in such a way that it takes stock of the products available and products sold. This can help monitor movements of goods are determining the approximate number of goods dealt with by the company. The company is, therefore, able to control stock and easily restock the products on sale (Solomon, Marshall, & Stuart, 46).

Eases feedback process

Today there is a lot of use of the existing social media platform to market products. These media offers a platform for which customers can air their feedback. The company is thus able to react to every input given quickly. If the comment indents the company's image, the company can handle the situation as soon as possible. This thus eases the feedback process (Lee, 77).

Additionally, the company can interact with its customers allowing them to air their views and even give recommendations. This interaction is one way of growing the company's market platform. Some companies have developed platforms in which one can comment on the products and make any recommendations. This interaction with the customer is significant as it maintains visibility of the company. The company is, therefore, able to influence its customers to purchase the goods thus keep a right image of the company (Numberger, 56).

Eases promotions

Companies can conduct promotions without physically going to the market centers. The company can organize lottery promotions or any other form of advertising using the online media. This offers a wide range of accessibility at lower costs (Epstein, 63).

In general, E-commerce has resulted in very stiff competition in the business world. This has led to high investment in marketing, quality, and promotions which all work to the betterment of the customers. To make it in this crowded platform, businesses have come up with very stiff measures to ensure security and widespread use of the online platform to reach customers. There is, therefore, growing use of B2B and B2C E-commerce forms to date.

E-commerce also poses a lot of security concerns such as cyber-attacks. Therefore, as much as it offers the best platform for marketing and trading products, it also provides higher security threats that must be taken into consideration (Peacock, 92).


In conclusion, E-Commerce has indeed transformed the logistics of many companies as can be witnessed with the Amazon. Additionally, E-commerce has many advantages for both the buyers and the sellers. It thus needs to be prioritized in every business. The transformation in the Amazon has not only helped the company but has also helped other companies and other investors in general. Use of online social media is increasingly growing, and therefore every business must make it an objective to explore this medium for better access to the customers. It has consequently changed the logistics in many companies both domestically and globally by providing a more efficient platform for doing business.

In today corporate world, one must, therefore, employ proper use of E-commerce to make better growth in the business. To do this, a company needs to have a reliable website with the following considerations; ease of access: the company needs to come up with a web design that is easy to access with very few stages (Yokoo, 32). The name of the site also needs to be one that is easy to remember. Additionally, on the need to have a secure website: to do this, one needs to take active measures to prevent cyber-attacks on the site (Fazlollahi, 74). It also needs to monitor contents to avoid misuse. Furthermore, the product image and information must be organized in a very convenient manner. One that is easy to browse through and make the moves needed. Most importantly, the company must work closely with Google and YouTube companies to have extensive access to marketing platforms in the online media (Peacock, 68).

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