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Earth scientist has work to understand how our planet's way of working and detailed history. It is through the research and studies that we understand how plate tectonic shapes our planet's surface, how life on earth have been sustained for billions of years. Furthermore, the studies dig into how biological, geological, atmospheric and oceanic process interact together to form the climate. The book has done the basic principle to expand knowledge about the earth by formulating questions that would probably provide a new path toward the answers. "The grand research Questions in the Solid-Earth Sciences" (National Research Council, 2008) committee which was established as per the request of the U.S Department of Energy, and National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

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Contemporary science has had its backgrounds in vital question about the earth's life as well as origin. The grand questions have long been based on the Ancient Greek who are known to have laid a foundation in concepts and science. In fact, most of the term is derived from their language. In contrast to the ancient planetary way of studies on earth, modern science has moved a step further and advance to study of the geological feature and structure of the earth. This has been done by observing the sedimentary rocks. With the advanced technology of understanding the matter are made of atoms which have nuclei that are unstable to radioactive decay. Through this particular way, Earth age has been able to be determined (National Research Council, 2008). The first accurately estimated Earth's age made in the mid-1950s is 4.5 billion years. The 20th century had concentrated on the paleontology aspect which focuses on mineral and water resources. Formation and creation of the mountains, volcano, sedimentary basis, and mountain range have been included in the grand question.

Furthermore, the explanation on the plate tectonics is not left out. The essay describes and explain on physical and earth science, and how it dealt with external concerns which comprise of solar system, planets and life, and also connect phenomena creating influence on individual's well-being status using grand research questions.

Grand research question for the 21st century comprises of the summary of 10 grand research inquiries that remained identified by the composing team which includes:

  • "How did Earth and other planets forms?"
  • "What happened during the dark age of Earth?"
  • "How did life begin on Earth?"
  • "How does Interior of Earthwork and how it affects the surface?"
  • "Why does Erath have plate tectonics and continents?"
  • "How the process of Earth is controlled by material properties?"
  • "What are the causes of climate change- and how much of impact it has it have any changes?"
  • "How has life shape Earth - and how has Earth shaped life?"
  • "Is it possible to predict a volcanic eruption, earthquakes, and their consequences?"
  • "How can fluid flow and transportation affect human environment and habitat?" (National Research Council, 2008).

Importance of These Research Questions

Studies on the solar system have led to advanced computing possibilities enabling development of the early solar system which is credible and even further shows solar system bodies and planet which are extraterrestrial, especially in the understanding pathway and origin of Earth with the solar system in general.

It gives an idea about Hadean Eon which is an important link that helps in understanding and being conversant about planetary evolution.

Give vital data and information on how life began on earth. The clues and evidence of the existing life are found in rocks as a fossil. Geological investigation of rocks and minerals certainly show concrete pieces of evidence. Life arousal significantly may differ from the first time of existence and current

Detailed knowledge about Earth internal processes help in determining how the earth surface was in the past, therefore we can be able to predict the future of what will probably happen on the seafloor, volcanism and mountain building processes. Hence, it will be easier to provide forecast and warning when possible.

The Grand Questions in Modern Earth Science

There is various evidence recently provided for the critical information that is about how and when the solar system started as well as how planets become formed. Most evidence has come from Astronomical observation using powerful telescopes, it has had even gone ahead to add more model in the formation of stars and planets (Manduca, 2012). Even though there is an increasing difference in geochemical studies and astronomical observation, with an improvement in spectrometric methods of the model which are standards for composition of Earth, meteorites and getting to understanding grains of presolar by sharpening our knowledge of stellar evolution.

The geological time in the Hadean concept, which outspreads its information from the period when the moon was formed to the period which the primogenital existing rock on earth was formed. It provides a great understanding of evolution in the planetary system. It gives a sense of appreciation which we give it to earth having being formed from complex phenomena, and come to be home to a complex form of life that is found in it. At this particular time, we can give the theory a lot of credit for the knowledge provided, though we are still uncertain when we try to compare with our current knowledge and understanding of planet formations (National Research Council, 2008). The data and information were based on the observation of the solar system, planets, Earth, and moons. Manned spacecraft to Mars would be able to provide critical information in the Hadean theory to proof and support it. Chances are similarities may be found to determine their relationship.

The origin of life has been the deepest challenging query in the scientific world. It contains historical problem since when the information was created, there were little recorded data and history, hence it been approached by theories and experiment to prove the evidence provided is credible to call it plausible for supporting the information and understanding about the emergence of life. More vital mysteries surrounding the origin of life theories are found to be geological in nature, in comparison to what life material is entailed (Barnosky, 2016). The condition under which the laboratories specimen is the main key feature that the scientist is looking into at the moment, despite that synthetic organic chemistry, as well as molecular biology experiment, are run all over. Perhaps to get and obtain potentially biological evidence.

Earth's interior progression govern more of planet development as a whole, but since the interior other earth is not directly accessible to collect a sample, other approaches are made in combination. For instance, the use of a seismic wave of the earthquakes that happen on the earth surface. The measurement works best to determine the elastic property of the earth interior properties. 3D images are produced from this wave to be able to show the mantle and the core at a systematically higher resolution (Barnosky, 2016). The structured revealed by the seismology studies are obtained from the new knowledge and information about earth material under high pressure

According to theories of plate tectonics, much evidence has shown it to be the reason why there is an abundant amount of water on both the surface as well as within the interior of the Earth. Furthermore, the concept is important since we can still understand why water is vital in the creation and destruction of the continents. Theoretically, there is no certain evidence that explains how plate tectonic forms naturally from convection made thermally. In order to provide credible result about the tectonic plates, geologists are providing models for deformation of rocks properties and improve their approaches in representing the properties in numerical models used in determining planetary convection.

Understanding how the world works depends on the knowledge of the characteristics of rocks and minerals. After a long time of progress, development has been made by new analytical tools from innovative sources. Synchrotron, neutron and laser equipment and forward-thinking calculations, important physical and chemical properties of earth materials, formed from the structure and progressions that transpire at the atomic level This new tool is not only simulating the gap between quantum mechanics and microscopes but also allows you to study these small scales directly so that you get a new level of understanding of the planetary process over time.

Geological records tell us that the weather in the world is constantly changing. However, it should be noted that the surface temperature remains in the appropriate life span from 3.5 to 4 billion years ago. The main reason for this relatively warm climate is interpreted as a more profound effect, such as releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, eliminating carbon dioxide from rock surface erosion and the position of the floating continent. It may have saved this life many times when the world was warm. It exists and there is no ice at all. This world may be cold and there are times when the ice is completely covered.

Disastrous events such as geological evolution and the impact of meteorites certainly affect the evolution of life. But even though we can record a big change in extinction and evolution, we still can't tell the cause. What level of geology is compared with biological processes? What is the environment that is responsible for extinction or changes in the form and function of the biology? We know that the elements of the Earth's atmosphere, especially the oxygen at high concentrations, are the result of life. Causing more complex creatures to develop However, other geological events affect the evolution of climate and controlled life, which remains controversial.

Thanks to the understanding of the causes and new tools that are more complex, geologists have reduced the predictions of volcanoes and earthquakes in the past decade. And the complexity of theoretical questions that are still open and population growth in threatened regions is more complex and urgent.

The ability to manage natural resources, safe disposal of waste and environmental protection depends on our understanding of surface and underground fluids. In particular, we need to understand the flow of fluids, how to better transport materials and heat, as well as how they interact and change the environment. The list of important fluids begins with the most important and significant fluids in the world which comprise steam, liquids, hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide, polyphenols and other organic liquids.

Fluid Flow and Transport Effect on the Human Environment.

Geological Science has been since linked to the discovery of Natural resources on the surface of the earth. This resource comprises of, minerals, petroleum products, natural resources, and geothermal water. (National Research Council, 2008) The recent geological studies have play part in finding the fate we facing in term of a waste compound that our environment is realizing out. In the future, some of this waste and byproduct of our environment that includes carbon dioxide and radioactive element as a result of nuclear energy may have an impact in a geological formation. Another important aspect of geology is the concern of landscape development in the control of erosions and explanation on the tectonic plates. To make it even better, geology is focusing on assessing the impact of human activities on both the natural and physical river characteristics as well as their drainage basin in relation to physical environment characteristics, landslide, and risk associated with floods. Hence, conservation of these natural r...

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