Dr Martin Luther King's Speech of Peace on Earth

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Date:  2022-03-11


Dr. Martin Luther King delivered the speech of peace on earth in the year 1967 on December 24th during the Christmas season. In his speech sermon, Martin Luther King called out to God to transform his people and also create them anew. He says that he relies on God to fill him with grace, guidance, and love so that people may be able to realize the need for true justice and peace. This essay aims at evaluating the theme of peace brought out by in the peace of earth sermon and how it is applicable in today's world.

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Applications of Martin Luther King’s Sermon on ‘Peace on Earth’ in Today’s World

First, in his sermon, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. states that no man can live alone, neither can a nation live alone and neither can an individual alone. He calls unto his audience to live together in peace. Living together is applicable in everyday life since it promotes peace. Peace building leads to conflict resolution and development of development from an individual to a national level (Stewart et, al. 204-213). Martin Luther King states that peace promotion may be a better way to handle political differences instead of harassing those that oppose you.

At the same time, Martin Luther King emphasizes on man as a sacred being. He says that man has been created in God's image and is, therefore, a child of God. He puts more emphasis by saying that if people do not realize that fact, then wars may never end. Today, just in the same way man should be considered as unique and as someone that may be able to have an impact on others. When the sacredness of life is embraced, then respect may also be embraced among human beings (Cone 6-24). Human beings should not be exploited and trampled over; otherwise they should be appreciated.

According to (Morris and Matthew 4-14), Martin Luther King also states that Christmas was a time to bring hope and goodwill to the people. He outlines that if the people did not embrace peace and goodwill, then they will use their instruments and workforce against themselves. Today, people use a lot of effort in business so that may develop and enhance their lives, however, if there is no goodwill; they may use what they have worked for against others instead of supporting others. It is therefore, crucial to support others with what one has other than destroying them (Ismail, et al 255-258). Also, people should realize that Christmas is a time for peace and acknowledging Christ as the Prince of peace.


Martin Luther King in his sermon shows his urge for a peaceful society. He states that the most important thing is not how to get there but rather to ensure that they get there. It does not matter how one gets there but rather that one gets there. His ambitions, dreams, and prayers can be applied in today's society to ensure that there is development.

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