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Date:  2022-09-15

We live in a community where the weak and vulnerable in the society are taken for granted, and their weakness used against them for the benefit of others. The injustices that such people go through in their daily lives are a nightmare that only they can tell. The Mexican migrants into the United States of America are a people who many see as an opportunity for exploitation. The hardship they are subjected to as industrial workers in the fruit companies is one that can blow one's mind. The system in the USA has seemingly not tried their best in the making right in this scenario. These workers live under the mercies of their maker, and that makes the whole thing suspicious. The paper will thus look into the hardships that these workers o through as they make the best juices that most of the Americans enjoy at the comfort of their homes. The paper will trace back from how raw materials and how the distribution of these fruit juice company happens.

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I was lucky to meet a Mexican immigrant who was a worker in one of the fruit juice companies; I tried to convince him to help me get the right information, on how they were treated in the farms and the injustices that they went through. It was easy for him to submit to my request as he was afraid of what might happen to him if things went wrong. To entice him I had to assure him that I would not let anyone get wind of whatever he would have to say to me. He agreed to discuss to me the modes of distribution of the fruit juices, how the production process takes place and the method of extraction of the raw materials. Also, he agreed to share with me the nature of their working environment as workers in those companies.

I had to research on the Triqui migrants, who happened to be harvesting blueberries and strawberries in the Washington States, asparagus and grapes all in the California fields year after year. The distribution of the fruit industry in the USA is a massive process since it involves exportation to other parts of the world. Since there is the widespread domestic production of the fruits in the USA especially California, the distribution process of these products, for instance, strawberries and blueberries tales a series of distributions chain to their target place. The worker shared with me how they were made to pick the strawberries from the farms. They then had to be processed for them to be ready for transportation. Since they are perishable products and their demand is usually very high, the process was mad fast for exportation. It is estimated that the world production of these fruits increased from 813.7 million tones to a tune of 1.2 billion tonnes. (William, 2015)

The strawberries and the blueberries are mostly exported to European nations especially Europe who are the largest importers of the product. They are closely followed by the Germans who also import the berries in large numbers. The workers are supposed to pick the best of the fruits so that the deliveries can be much profitable o the business owners. Though the work does not always match with the pay and there condition of employment, these workers dedicate all their life to this farms for it is the only place to many of them where they can find solace.

The doctor will tell you to take fresh fruits to eat a lot of it, but what many fail o understand is the production process that the farmers involved go through to ensure that the fresh fruits are made available to them. The production of strawberries in the USA is a complex process that usually demands the energy and attention of the workers entirely. It is estimated that the output of fruits in the USA amounted to56.5 million tons in 2003, Italy and Spain hold as the primary producers of the strawberries though America also contains a large-scale producer. The workers are subjected harsh conditions in the production process without equal and fair treatment as it is supposed to be as depicted by the law.

In the fruit juice production, the worker explained that strawberries, rapes and another type of fruits were the primary raw material in the creation of the fruit juices. Since the berries were the primary raw materials, the farmers were subjected to work on these farms at the unconducive environment as their owners entirely depended on their productivity to the profits in the general sales. The workers had to give their best in this farms although the conditions were not right. The berries were picked from the farms through handpicking, after which they were put into cans and then transported to factories where they would be processed into fruit juices.

According to the book, fresh fruit broken bodies, many of the migrants continue to toil in the farms and suffer in obscurity and silence. Even the media has severally tried to talk about them. The book by an anthropologist Seth Holmes is a significant citation of ethnography power that sheds light to the social and physical sufferings of the immigrant workers in this farms. Holmes details the enormous pain and even death of these Mexican farmers who were subject to oppression and mistreatment because they had no power to defend their identity. Holmes writes in an evocative style of how supervisors in this farm oversee their operations between the rows of the farms. Holmes also points out how the workers experience racial discrimination from the neighboring people and the extent to which heir humiliation feels at sight (Holmes, 2013).


Conclusively, the humanity in most of the Agricultural farms in the USA is a forgotten story. The shareholders of the farms usually take advantage of the situation of the migrants by exploiting them through harsh labor conditions in their farms. Since racial discrimination is a situation that has grown roots in the American culture, the farmers always face it rough as the neighboring communities treat them as not equal. They live on the proximities of the farms, and that limits their chances of getting handled better. It is a situation that is not fair, though the media have tried to speak it out, they have remained not to get the attention and treated they are supposed to get. Anthologist Seth Holmes thus had to get into the matter and wrote the book Fresh Fruits, Broken Bodies.


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