Distance Learning: Bridging the Instruction Gap Through Technology - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-12


Distance learning has become one of the most spoken topics that most institutions are adopting due to the advances in technology. Most researchers elaborate distance learning as one of the organizational processes that aid in providing instructions at a distance, and that is why it usually takes place when both the student and the teacher are physically separated; therefore, technology acts as the link to the instruction gap. Most of the institutions are adopting distance learning technology to meet the demands of those individuals who are busy and cannot be present on campus (Glasgow, Lockhart & Nolfi, 2017). However, few individuals feel like regular education is capable of providing real knowledge to people than distance learning. Also, through the new development and progress in electronic science media, there have been new inventions of the electronic equipment and has made the spread of distance learning faster in society. This paper will review some distance learning programs in the delivery of nursing education.

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Distance Education Programs in Nursing

There has been an increase in the number of nurses due to the upcoming of the online programs that accommodate students who cannot be present on campus. Due to improved telephone, television, and internet technologies have become more cheap and easy to access, which makes online education for nurses easy to accomplish their goals. One of the most employed programs by nursing institutions is the Open Learning+class since it entails all the needs of the student. The Open learning class program permits the nursing students to work and learn at their speed and with a lot of combinations of interactive telecommunications (Gazza, 2017). Also, the Open Learning class model can be problem-solving to some individual students, and that is why they can be found in group meetings with the instructor and present their issues to be solved. Independent learning is also one of the online learning programs which allow those few individuals interested in nursing to study on their own through the use of a detailed syllabus offered to them by the faculty or the institution. Therefore the learners are given the course materials and even one of the faculty members to always provide guidance, answer questions, and evaluated their assignments.

Effects of Distance Learning to Education Quality

When it comes to the comparison of traditional and online education, most studies show that the online delivery system has improved the quality of training with a significant percentage. Also, socialization, academic achievement, and mentoring chances have enhanced among the students who have been taking their courses online (Russell, 2014). Also, the students have less pressure while studying on their own at home at their own pace gives them enough energy and time to have excellent performance since they are flexible and able to meet deadlines. Through the offering of courses online such as learning, this means that individual can take the classes and be able to be evaluated when he/she is off from work. Therefore, the adoption of distance education by most institutions has improved the general literacy of the people in the society.


In conclusion, online distance has improved the education system in the society. The distance education programs are designed to meet the students' needs and make sure the course taken is taught in-depth, and the attained grades are genuine and satisfactory in case one goes to the job market. With the advances in technology, distance learning will occupy the more significant percentage of the education system, and this will contribute much towards economic development.


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